1. Cheating Spouse
  2. Cell Phone Forensics
  3. Digital Forensic Analysis
  4. Find Missing Persons
  5. Surveillances
  6. Lie Detector Test
  7. Process Services
  8. Background Checks
  9. Asset Investigation and Financial Investigation
  10. Just to ask questions

Top Ten Reasons to Call A Private InvestigatorSince we offer free consultations and provide recommendations for services that will give our clients the best information for the least amount of money spent, we get a lot of calls to “Just ask Questions”.  We assist in solving issues and problems for business owners, law firms, corporations, insurance companies, and private individuals.  We may talk for a few minutes or hours on the phone or in-person so that we can create a plan of action, a direction to take, and discuss what we can and cannot obtain from our highly skilled sources and databases.

First, we take down information from the initial call, so that we have a clear picture of what our Client is requesting to determine what is possible and what is not possible.  From that information we create an Agreement for Services outlining the facts, the investigation to be accomplished, and to our fees.  After execution of the document and any upfront fees paid, we begin.  We keep our Clients updated of our progress throughout the time we work on their case.  We note any changes that need to be made and regroup to make sure the Client’s needs are addressed.  When our investigation has been completed, we provide a written report, with photos and videos if required, along with any supporting documents.  The report will include a summation of our findings along with recommendations, if needed.  We create a breakdown of expenses that coincides with our invoice and all is given to the Client.

In a case where a spouse is suspected of cheating, we might include surveillance, a Voice Stress Analysis, digital forensics, and a hidden financial asset search.  If your cellphone is bugged it would entail conducting digital forensics.  Background checks could include an asset search.  Process Services may require us to conduct a missing person investigation to locate the individual being served.  Surveillance may require background searches to obtain information beneficial to the case.  And when calling just to ask a question, any of the services above may be utilized depending upon the case.

If an Investigator is required to be out in the field, we maintain communication with them so that the office is up to date on what is happening.  We can relay to the Client those updates if required.  If the investigation is conducted in-house by one of our professional researchers, we know to be available for our Client should we find a “Red Flag” or uncover information the Client would need ASAP.

Investigations are never “Black or White” there are many gray areas in this field, and we want to make sure the information obtained is correct, verified and can be used in court if our Client is an attorney.  We will never provide useless information.

If you need any of the services listed above, please give us a call, it’s our business to help you.

All in Investigations, Inc.

Brenda McGinley, CEO