Why To Hire A Professional To Perform A Personal Background Check When You Can Find “All Of The Info” Online Yourself?Life gives us choices, to remain single, to get married, to buy that business, to obtain a degree or choose a life career, and in each life choice there are situations and circumstances that may arise that create doubt, the need to find the truth. I blog a lot about truth! It’s my area of my expertise being a private investigator. I have been single; I have been married and I have started a business and with all, I have had the opportunity to easily find the answers to my questions or concerns. I had the tools to determine what was true and what was not. Not so different as being an electrician and fixing wiring problems, or a plumber and unclogging a sink, a financial advisor and investing my hard-earned money, or an attorney with accurate knowledge of the law. But we can’t be experts in all these fields.

I have Clients who tell me they can get information online about anyone. I don’t doubt they can, but they have no way of knowing the accuracy of the information. Just because you have access to conduct personal background checks, doesn’t mean the results of the search is true. We can all unclog a drain, but to clean a main, we call a plumber. We can change a lightbulb and maybe an outlet, but to re-wire a house, we call an electrician. We can get access to an investment site, but to effectively choose good investments we contact an investment broker. And no one should try to win a lawsuit pro-se if you don’t have any legal experience, call an Attorney. There is a saying, “Jack of All Trades, Master of None”, and when it comes to difficult life situations, don’t be a Jack.

At one time or another, we have all presented ourselves as having the ability to do something or be something we truly are not qualified to be, or who we are not! It may not be done to be deceptive, but stated to open the door to be let in. Attempting to put our “best foot forward” for a job opportunity or a new relationship. Is there anything wrong in doing that? Ask the employer, who failed to use verified background checks, and hired the employee who wasn’t qualified, ask the new bride who married the man with a lot of debt and a criminal history. Ask the homeowner who allowed a contractor to renovate their home without first running a small business background check and after the initial fees were paid never saw them again. Or ask the man who met a wonderful woman online without conducting any background research only to learn it was all a scam, she was married, she had kids and she had no intention of every developing a relationship with him. All she wanted was his money. Ask the wife whose husband has been carrying on an affair with a co-worker and had hidden assets in anticipation of a divorce.

These are situations that require you to hire an expert in the field of investigations. Single, married, business owner or an attorney, when you find yourself in a situation that requires factual information, give us a call at 317-925-1496 or walk-in to our office at 7007 Graham Road, Unit 110, Indianapolis, Indiana 46220 and learn the truth. We are licensed, we are listed with the Better Business Bureau and we work hard for all of our Clients.

All in Investigations, Inc.

Brenda McGinley, CEO