Video Surveillance Software



1. Is Video Surveillance Analysis and Enhancement Software for Windows
2. Works on any Windows XP computer
3. Works with standard A VI files
4. Is Microsoft Direct-X based application so any Direct Show hardware can be used
5. Is Easy to use

Video Tools included in CrimeVisionTM:

1. Import Video via linked Video Encoding application
2. Trim Video using the Split tool
3. Grab Frame using the Picture button
4. De-Quad video
5. DeMultiplex video up to 16 camera views
6. De-interlace video to remove motion blur/noise/etc.
7. Link to Video Editing software, such as Adobe Premiere

Image Tools in CrimeVisionTM:

1. Line Shifting to remove blur
2. Frame Averaging to remove blur
3. Link to Image editing software, such as Adobe PhotoShop
4. Sizing tool to do comparative measurements

Example of Video Surveillance Software: