Prevent exposure to lawsuits with proper due diligence research

Liability is a frightening concern to individuals and companies due to the present-day trend in which Americans are prosecuting and suing one another at escalating rates. It is seemingly impossible to protect one`s self or company from the threat of unexpected lawsuits, however, it is possible to minimize the risk by performing the proper due diligence in order to avoid the commonly expected pitfalls.

“Due diligence” is a relatively new term which describes the research efforts undertaken in order to ensure that an endeavor, enterprise or new hire has been fully researched before it is instituted. is relied upon by individuals and companies throughout the world for our understanding of the importance and nature of proper due diligence.

Due Diligence Investigations for Business and Competitive Intelligence Purposes

Prior to expanding operations or entering new markets, companies frequently refer to to conduct due diligence investigations of a different nature. Business and corporate intelligence techniques are integrated into due dilligence investigations in order to determine whether or not such large investments are safe or worthwhile. Individuals and companies seeking to acquire additional entities find our due diligence services priceless. By having conducted at least a full background research investigation and minimal competitive intelligence investigation on a potential acquisition, our clients have an understanding of what “baggage” might accompany the entity.

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How Due Diligence can help a company`s reputation

Newspapers report numerous stories each day regarding dangerous hiring mistakes made by human resources departments within both the private and public sectors. Daycare centers hire convicted child abusers and governments hire criminals convicted of fraud. In these cases, it is common that either little or no due diligence has been performed. Full employment background checks should be conducted in order to limit exposure to lawsuits, or worse. `s nationwide and global network of operatives can produce effective results for human resource professionals in a timely manner so that their important decisions can be made. By hiring only the fittest executives and workers, a company will reduce the potential for bad press.

Executive Applicant Background Checks

Especially for executive-level hiring purposes, full scale due diligence investigations check for anything in an applicant`s background which might indicate potential dangers. Often, significant concerns are overlooked with applicants at the executive level if only a basic employment background check is conducted. It is important to know such things as whether or not the executive is an alcoholic or might have been involved in a corporate controversy at an out-of-state or overseas company. Therefore, services involved in executive applicant background checks frequently include the following:

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