becomes involved for a variety of reasons in a variety of cases relating to missing children. It is unfortunately true that local authorities are often unwilling or unable to assist families of missing kids. This is why such a large number of non-profit organizations and other service providers have begun forming the last two decades. Throughout these circumstances, and for over forty-five years, we have been filling the void that others leave. With a staff of current and former law enforcement personnel, as well as a network of interstate and international contacts, we can work independent of, or in cooperation with other authorities to find and recover missing children.

Absolutely nothing else in this profession is more rewarding than reuniting parents with their runaway or abducted child, especially after working closely with the emotionally crippled families. It has been our experience that there are five types of missing children cases, all of which are nightmares for families:

  • Child abduction by a parent
  • Kidnapping and ransom
  • Runaway children
  • Predator abduction
  • Unexplained disappearance
Kidnapping and Ransom

While no longer very common in the US these days, this type of child abduction occurs on an ever-increasing scale in South and Central America. The targets of these child abduction plots are often US citizens working abroad, and the families sometimes find little or no cooperation from the local authorities in recovering their missing children. When the embassies get involved, they cannot always achieve quick results due to diplomatic difficulties, so the families must resort to engaging private assistance. With our law enforcement network and overseas operatives, is an effective alternative for recovering missing children.

Runaway, Unexplained Disappearance and Predator Abduction

Those cursed enough to have experienced such a cruel fate can tell of the endless days of footwork – chasing and following up on leads – driven in desperation as they searched for their missing kids. The amount of exhausting work required in these situations is often more than an entire community can accomplish. works alongside families, communities and local law enforcement to develop and follow up on leads in the fastest manner possible because time must not be wasted. Through our involvement with, we are prepared with a full network of contacts and resources dedicated to the return of missing children.

Parent Abduction of a Child

This form of child abduction occurs at astounding rates, and its most horrifying aspect is that law enforcement chooses to not become involved until a confusing and complicated amount of paperwork is signed by judges. Meanwhile, the trail of an abducted child grows colder, and the offending parent escapes further and further away, often out of the country. The involvement of in such child abduction scenarios can take many forms, but it is strongly recommended that we begin work as soon as possible in order to track the child and treacherous parent before the clues vanish while the courts drag their feet. We can then be in position to recover the child as soon as legal or diplomatic circumstances permit.

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