We are an international private investigations company based in Indiana with resident agents in numerous US cities, as well as countries across the globe. All in InvestigationsAll in Investigations. offers international and Indiana private investigator services for clients worldwide. Since 1960, our Indiana investigators have been trusted to gather information from all parts of the globe to help clients make informed decisions.

All in InvestigationsAll in Investigations. is a full-service investigative firm comprised of a team of full-time professional Indiana investigators as well as numerous contract specialists in the fields of serology, handwriting analysis, forensic fingerprint comparison, lie detection, questioned document examination, audio/video enhancement and authentication, and technical surveillance countermeasures sweeps.

As an international private investigations company, we have local operatives in over 70 nations worldwide while managing the casework from our headquarters based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Investigations can be initiated through in-person or telephone conferences, or by online correspondence. Inquiries are always welcomed by our staff of Indiana investigators and we are prepared to assist individuals, law firms and organizations in assessing their needs. Of course, all inquiries and efforts on behalf of our clients are held in the strictest confidence. Having been in successful operation for over 50 years, we fully understand the sensitive nature of our clients` matters and concerns.

In order to become the most successful and longest existing privately-held international investigations company in Indiana, we have built our reputation based on integrity and quality. Our product is information which is presented in clear and thorough reports. This information is acquired through proven methods and is backed up with supporting evidence when applicable. Each undertaking is approached with the understanding that our product may be presented in a court, therefore, we conduct our investigations accordingly, even taking into consideration international factors. Our investigators and specialists regularly present court testimony when required, and are skilled in being prepared on behalf of our clients.

For our clients located overseas, we routinely conduct our investigations in accordance with not only our local laws, but also with those pertinent in the country where the case originates. Translation services are available, and our Indiana investigators are available at all hours in order to ensure that differences in time zones will not overcomplicate matters.