Investigations for Corporate Legal Departments and Individual Attorneys

The majority of all investigations conducted by are undertaken with the understanding that the results may be used in court. However, some situations require our detectives to work in full initial co-operation and co-ordination with a client`s attorney. Many times, our agency receives assignments directly from law firms, with little or no contact from their client. In addition, our investigations are commonly performed under the direction of legal departments for large corporations in cases that span the globe. For all these situations, is in the perfect position to meet the needs of its various clients. Our operatives based throughout the world and nationwide fully understand the legal climate of each region and work accordingly. Our vast array of resources enables us to conduct our investigations so that they meet the requirements of each litigation or criminal arena.All too often, criminal matters are neglected or ignored by law enforcement and prosecutors.

In such circumstances, we have been effective in investigating and preparing cases for prosecution when they would otherwise have not been pursued. These cases are always immensely rewarding, as they result in criminals not walking free when the “system fails”. By working with law firms and legal departments in these matters, we are able to conduct forensic investigations which figuratively “gift wrap” cases for the prosecutors, so that they are fully prepared to take action. Our expert witnesses are later available to testify, if necessary.

With over 45 years as a detective agency, has achieved the desired results for our clients by performing the following services in all types of legal cases:

Criminal Defense Investigations

The various detectives with our agency who conduct criminal defense investigations have been involved in both sides of such cases, as many of them are retired law enforcement officers. The obvious benefit to our clients in criminal defense matters is that our staff brings with them an awareness and understanding of any significant weaknesses and strengths in the opposing side`s investigations. Like their current involvement in legal department investigations and prior experience in law enforcement, their expertise can be utilized in all types of criminal matters, including appeals. In addition, our agency`s forensic specialists are able to perform any services which might be helpful to the detectives working on the defense.

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