Discreet methods for your sensitive personal matters:

High Tech Investigative Surveillance Techniques

Wondering what tools and technologies help us do our work? Check out the latest and greatest here.

Adoption and Military Search Investigations

The records are sealed. Initial information is vague, or limited at best. Bureaucrats are rude and unhelpful. These factors are what make an adoption search very similar to a search for military people.

Background Research Investigations

An essential component of most private investigations.

Child Custody

The process of gathering evidence in support of the client`s legal position can involve many methods of investigation.

Financial Asset Research

An essential unit of most private investigations.

Infidelity/Extramarital Affairs

If you have questions about possible infidelity, there is probably a good reason for you to be suspicious, and for you to be considering an investigation.

Lie Detection

Polygraph and voice stress analysis services are routinely performed by in a variety of personal matters.

Missing Child Investigation

It is unfortunately true that local authorities are often unwilling or unable to assist families of missing kids.

Missing Person and Skip Tracing

Having entered the world of missing person or skip trace investigations long before computer databases were available, we developed the methods, resources and contacts necessary to locate even the most difficult to find fugitives

Suspicious and Contestable Death Claims

While it is primarily insurance companies who utilize the death investigation services of , we are also commonly consulted by private individuals regarding suspicious death claims.

Track Your Subject With GPS
TSCM – Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

When your private matters no longer seem to be private, it may be necessary to determine ‘how’ and ‘why’ by performing a bug sweep.