Is An Undercover Investigation the Most Effective Method at Stopping Loss?

Serious stock loss requires serious intervention. Undercover operations can serve a number of purposes; however, most companies only consider them when they experience a significant loss of stock. This is how has been initially approached by many of our long-standing clients. Undercover operations are the most effective measure in preventing loss because the licensed investigator is inserted into the operation at the level where it is believed the greatest opportunity for theft lies. By adopting the social, ethnic and economic manner of his/her co-workers, the investigator is able to foster the confidence and trust required to develop leads and evidence of how the loss is occurring.

During the course of an undercover investigation, a long and mutually rewarding relationship develops between our staff and our clients, who come to learn they can rely on us for information, solutions and advice on all matters. Companies understand that we have seen their circumstances from both the inside and the outside, and realize that these combined perspectives are invaluable.

The Versatility of an Undercover Investigation

While stock loss is the most common reason for clients to contact regarding undercover operations, it is not the only issue which is of concern to companies as they begin receiving our investigators` reports. The information revealed during an undercover investigation covers the entire spectrum of security and safety issues. As a result, our clients become fully aware of the following matters:

The information produced during undercover operations is often simultaneously funneled to other investigators or specialists who might be concurrently performing other services, such as:

An undercover investigation is an effective tool used for various purposes that has been notoriously under-utilized. However, because of the rich and useful information provided in our reports, our clients realize the many benefits of conducting periodic undercover operations in order to remain always current about employee, security and loss issues.

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