All too often, criminal matters are neglected or ignored by law enforcement and prosecutors. In such circumstances, has been effective in investigating and preparing cases for prosecution when they would otherwise have not been pursued. These cases are always extremely rewarding, as they result in criminals not walking free when the “system fails”. By working with law firms and legal departments in these matters, we are able to conduct forensic investigations which figuratively “gift wrap” cases for the prosecutors, so that they are fully prepared to take action. If necessary, our expert witnesses are later available to testify in court regarding the results of their forensic investigations.

Due to recent sensationalistic television programming, many people have the understanding that forensic investigations or crime scene investigations deal primarily with violent or property crimes. According to the American Heritage Dictionary, the term ‘forensic’ is, in fact, defined as nothing more than, “of or used in legal proceedings or formal debate.” While it is improbable that anyone would choose to conduct forensic investigations for the purpose of formal debate, is a well-known resource for prosecution and courtroom preparation in all varieties of matters which may or may not include violent or property crimes.

Audio-video Tape Enhancement/Evidence Authentication

We observe court-dictate protocols regarding evidence enhancement and authentication, and provide the services necessary for our clients to do the same – especially when it involves video or audio tape.

Cell Phone Forensics/Spyware Detection

Know the steps it takes to detect cell phone spyware, the facts of examining your own cell phone and how to safely send your phone to our office for examination.

Cell Phone Spyware Facts

The facts which will assist you in recognizing and avoiding the possibility of spyware being installed on your Cell Phone or other hand held device.

Cell Phone Tower Triangulation

Cell Tower Triangulation is similar to GPS tracking in that it uses multiple towers to track the phone’s location.

Extracting Cell Phone Data Forensically

Whether your objective is to look for spyware, find deleted text messages and call logs or even find browesed websites or GPS coordinates on a phone, tablet, or a stand alone GPS device, the first step is to forensically extract the data.

Forensic Computer Investigation

During a computer forensic investigation, each computer is treated as a crime scene – because it has been the target or instrument of a crime.

High Tech Investigative Surveillance Equipment

Wondering what tools and technologies help us do our work? Check out the latest and greatest here.

Questioned Document Examination

This service is one of the most instrumental tools in ascertaining how a crime has occurred.

Uncoventional Covert Espionage Devices

A device that can cleverly be concealed in other devices, such as a fax machine, that can be commanded by the “bad guy”, to turn on an amplified microphone to monitor the conversations around the device.  As with the fax machine, the device will copy all faxed documents, along with the phone numbers and at a later time, upon a command from the “bad guys”, download all of the copies.