Addressing every type of need for corporations around the globe, commonly undertakes these missions for organizations like yours:

High Tech Investigative Surveillance Techniques

Wondering what tools and technologies help us do our work? Check out the latest and greatest here.

Background Research Investigations

A necessary component of most corporate investigations.

Business Intelligence/Acquisition and Counter Acquisition

In the game of Business Intelligence Research, the role of private investigators is not commonly known, nor should it be.

Due Diligence

Before proceeding with critical undertakings, be fully informed of risks and exposures.

Financial Asset Research

The most critical component to the majority of corporate and other private investigations is to find assets in order to determine the financial status of an entity or individual, or to track laundered or secreted money.

Intellectual Property Protection

Our experience in working on both sides of this arena has given us the advantage of being able to assist companies in the investigation of Intellectual Property theft, and help them to protect these valuable assets.

Missing Person and Skip Tracing

Ordinary skip trace service providers are not private detectives; they neither desire to leave their offices, nor do they have the network of contacts or resources to locate someone who makes extreme efforts not to be found.

Sexual Harassment Investigations

The delicate nature of these matters requires experience and tact.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures – TSCM

Infamously understated, but commonly utilized.

Undercover Operations

An Undercover Investigation – The Most Effective Method at Stopping Loss

Video Surveillance Security Systems – Hidden Video Cameras

For every pratical application, hidden or standard CCTV camera systems can be designed and installed.

Workers Compensation

Complete AOE/COE, Sub Rosa, and surveillance services for all types of workers’ compensation and subrogation matters.

Workplace Violence Prevention Training

Training in identifying and preventing workplace violence.