If you have questions about possible infidelity, there is probably a good reason for you to be suspicious, and for you to be considering an investigation. Instinct, or intuition, is usually right. This does not necessarily mean that infidelity has occurred, or will occur, but you want to set your mind at ease which is why you might be reading this page and contemplating an investigation.

Few private detectives have the lengthy experience or array of equipment available to conduct an infidelity investigation like For over 40 years, we have been able to perfect our methods and test all the emerging technologies. Over the past decade and a half, we have found that the GPS tracking system is an affordable, effective addition to our surveillance equipment arsenal. Used as part of a traditional surveillance, a GPS tracking system helps to ensure that the potentially unfaithful partner will not elude the investigators. `Global positioning satellite`, or GPS tracking systems can accurately pinpoint their subjects to within 15 meters of their exact location, and they are available for either rental or purchase.

For infidelity investigations in which video of the anticipated rendezvous between adulterers is desired, has an assortment of ready-to-use hidden surveillance cameras which can be either installed in a specified location, or worn on the body by the investigator. When situations demand a little more creativity, we can custom-design surveillance cameras to be hidden so that they blend into a unique environment. By using a combination of hidden surveillance cameras and the GPS tracking system, we can offer our clients the most effective methods of achieving successful results in an infidelity investigation.

To , it is not an issue if the suspected cheater crosses state or international borders during an infidelity investigation. We have licensed investigators available across the globe who can be mobilized to continue where others must end. By including the utilization of a GPS tracking system, we can even be prepared in advance when it looks like our potentially unfaithful subject is leaving the state or country.

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