Restrictions On Using Polygraph Services

As many have now come to realize, federal law strictly regulates the practice of lie detector testing. No longer is it possible for employers to ensure employee honesty utilizing polygraph services. Nor can the results of lie detector testing be used in a court of law under any circumstances. It is only within extremely regulated situations involving law enforcement or government employees that polygraph services can be provided in employment matters. This is generally done under the direction of legal counsel.

Lie Detector Testing Unrelated to Employment Matters

Polygraph and voice stress analysis services are routinely performed by in a variety of personal matters. While the results may not be admissible in court, lie detector testing is a valuable tool which can be instrumental in shaping the direction of an investigation. Specifically, we commonly apply lie detector testing along with other methods when investigating marital infidelity or child custody. Parties from both sides of suspected infidelity or custody disputes often find our polygraph services beneficial for either helping to clear one`s name, or to determine whether or not a full investigation will be necessary. Often, our clients get the information they are seeking simply by arranging an appointment for polygraph services; when the subject of the interview fails to appear for the scheduled appointment, the reason is presumably that they know they will fail the exam.

Our lie detector specialists have extensive law enforcement backgrounds which have enabled them to not only produce effective testing results, but also develop leads for further inquiry through interview techniques. This is especially useful in complicated scenarios where the subject of the lie detector testing may have only limited involvement in the matters being questioned.

Click here to examine federal regulations concerning lie detector testing which are posted on the Department of Labor`s website.

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