Known as the leading Indiana detectives, our firm offers everything from Indiana and international process server services to security and loss prevention investigations. By networking and strategically linking with other professionals in our industry, can provide the most up-to-date international and Indiana detective services available. Therefore, each of our Indiana detectives maintains one or more memberships in professional associations within the various fields of our business. This method of developing and maintaining effective contacts both locally and worldwide has helped us to stay abreast of issues relevant to clients’ interests. Listed below are some of the more significant professional organizations in which we participate.

American Society for Industrial Security – ASIS

As an active lifetime member in this preeminent international organization for security and investigations professionals, Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations of , has been able to remain at the forefront of all the newest issues and technology concerning this industry. By networking and strategically linking with other professionals responsible for security and loss prevention investigations, he has been better able to monitor and influence the constant changes in relevant issues, practices and solutions.

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Council of – CII

Established in 1955, the Council of collective skill set covers virtually every aspect of the investigative spectrum and their individual members are known worldwide for their expertise. Their standards for membership are among the most rigorous in the profession.

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World Association of Detectives – WAD

As an Indiana member of this worldwide detective network, has been successful in developing highly skilled and professional contacts. Membership requires investigators to demonstrate proficient skill and a higher than average level of professionalism.

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National Association of Legal Investigators – NALI

For the reputable professionals conducting investigations into litigation and criminal defense matters, this organization functions to prescribe a national standard of industry practice. Individuals, law firms and companies dealing with issues relating to plaintiff and criminal matters should exercise caution when conducting business with investigators who are not members of this organization.

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National Council of Investigation and Security Services – NCISS

The National Council of Investigation and Security Services is a cooperative effort of those companies and associations responsible for providing private security and investigation services to the business community, government and the public. One of its primary functions is to address the various legislative concerns of the industry. Its members are particularly interested in regulating the orderly growth of this profession.

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National Association of Professional Process Servers – NAPPS

In the interest of providing international quality services to law firms and individuals, NAPPS is a network of the most outstanding individuals in the industry. Membership is on an individual basis, allowing NAPPS to screen for felonies, and a history of service which qualifies them based upon the organization`s high ethical standards. This network has proven to be effective, and enables ease in process service by its members in all 50 US states and the District of Columbia, seven Canadian provinces, Puerto Rico, England, Scotland, Sweden, Belgium, US Virgin Islands, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Israel. is NAPPS` premier Indiana process server.

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National Association of Investigative Specialists – NAIS

Membership in NAIS keeps informed of some of the newest alternative investigative techniques. This trade association provides information concerning methods employed by others in the industry.

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Society for Competitive Intelligence Professionals – SCIP

Membership in this organization provides education and networking opportunities for competitive intelligence professionals. This enables them to keep informed of the most current issues relating to the legal and ethical collection and analysis of information regarding the capabilities, vulnerabilities, and intentions of our clients` business competitors.

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Indiana Association of Professional Investigators – IAPI

The Indiana Association of Professional Investigators represents the highest principals of ethical conduct in the private, public and special investigator profession. The association has adopted these principles and its members use them as their code of conduct as they pursue the American ideals of truth, justice and fairness on behalf of their clients. As an active member of this local professional association, is committed to ensuring that clients of this industry will be well-served by reputable agencies when they do business with other Indiana detective members.

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Espionage Research Institute – ERI

It is the purpose of ERI to collect and promulgate information on hostile espionage activity by accepting, screening and editing reports of such activity by its members, associates and advisors. The membership of ERI consists of security practitioners, businessmen and corporate executives who have security responsibilities. ERI also operates a mentoring program to assist newcomers to the profession as they develop their knowledge and experience.

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Central Indiana Claims Association – CICA

Keeping abreast of the various current issues relating to the property and casualty claims realm of the insurance industry is the purpose of our membership in CICA. Attendance at monthly meetings permits an understanding of what is of special concern to claims adjustors.

Indiana Life and Health Claims Association

Claims adjustors from around Indiana assemble on a regular basis to hear speakers and discuss topics pertinent to their profession, and thereby, ours. We feel it is important to keep in touch with the needs of such a significant portion of our clientele by being involved as members of the Indiana Life and Health Claims Association.