What is the Need For a Security Risk Assessment?

Businesses of all types have one or more things they would like to keep protected. At the very basic level, they wish to protect their product from theft and their staff from harm. Some companies already have a degree of measures in place against some risks, while others are just beginning to see a need for security assessment as they explore options. can assist you at whatever stage your company is in. We only hope that we hear from you before an unfortunate security incident occurs.

A full risk assessment examines these critical security vulnerabilities:

Clients frequently feel sufficiently protected in some areas, and do not wish for an assessment of all common security risks. Therefore, security assessments can be tailored for each client`s purposes by limiting the number of potential risks to be examined. Our security risk assessment reports become valued checklists for clients who expect to methodically address the various concerns revealed. These assessment reports will not only list the critical security risks and the results of our penetration attempts, but they will also include general recommendations for improvement and an evaluation of current safeguards.

During the assessment process, we will conduct penetration attempts to fully expose the extent of any security risks. When our clients see how vulnerable their Intellectual property is, or how unprotected against competitive intelligence they are, we generally find them to be quite shocked. Because of this fact, we always recommend a security risk analysis whenever conducting intellectual property or acquisition/counter-acquisition investigations.

What is a Security Risk Analysis?

A security risk analysis includes specific proposals to minimize the various risks exposed during a security assessment. In the risk analysis, will research the recommended security upgrades, including vendors, cost estimates, safeguard options and implementation procedures relating to each vulnerability.

Click here to view the comprehensive guidelines for General Security Risk Assessments compiled by the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS).

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To obtain more detailed information concerning our security risk analysis services, or a specific security risk assessment matter, you may inquire online by clicking here.