Legal, Business and Personal: Financial Asset Searches

Are we legally compliant? We abide by all federal laws including the GLB Act, the FCRA, and the FDCPA. We do not pretext on any bank search. The GLB Act did not make bank account locates illegal. What it did do was to make pre-texting the bank of the bank customer illegal.

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act * Fair Credit Reporting Act *Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

If your objective is to determine the financial picture of an Individual or a Corporation, it behooves you and your Client to obtain as much financial information as possible. The following is a path to discover assets, hidden and known with current balances, account history, and updated balances on any given day.

Our experience, quality and reliability and turnaround times are the best in the business. Our financial researchers have degrees in financial services and/or training in forensic fraud.

We work from the information provided by the Client; we must have the exact name, date of birth and social security number to conduct any type of financial background. In essence, the search criteria must match what is reported to the financial institutions. Business searches are also conducted by the SSN and a FEIN with name of individual and business.

  • Bank Locate-Statewide Search, Bank Locate, Nationwide Search, Bank Balance Check, Stock Brokerage Search, Nationwide Bank & Stock Brokerage Search and Transactions. Searches are for Person and Business accounts or a Combination.
  • Statewide Bank Search (Search conducted in One (1) State
  • Nationwide Bank Search (Search conducted in all 50 States)- Both Statewide and Nationwide Searches include CD and Safety Deposit Boxes
  • Stocks and Bond Search-More than 50 Brokerage Houses are searched
  • 30 Day Review of Account Balances: Throughout a 30 day period, access into a particular account will provide you with a daily balance on three (3) separate days.
  • Account History: Provides deposits, withdraws, and checks written, wire transfers and ATM activity. This is provided on a 30 day statement. It is not a copy of the statement so personal information is not provided. This is conducted on a “Per Account” not per “Institute”. * Transactions are used for credit or debit card purchases, to include ACH activity, withdraws, purchases and re-occurring charges. Information obtained is as updated as the prior date of the requested search. Must be within the last six (6) months.

The information we obtain is accurate on the date of the search. For instance, the initial search does not provide you with a history of the account(s), it is actually a snapshot of what is in the account at that exact time it was reviewed. We do not provide any account numbers, but do give you the name and location of the account and many times the date the account was opened for each financial institute along with the telephone number and account manager’s name, if possible, so that a court order can be obtained for all transaction history.

* We can obtain full SSN’s DOB’s, Criminal and Civil Histories, Federal Criminal and Civil, Bankruptcies, Education, Employment, Private and Unlisted #’s, Cellular #’s and PO Box Breaks.