Product liability cases can evolve

Working under the direction of attorneys in most instances, we frequently investigate to determine the history of harm caused in relation to certain products, or we often research to locate additional potential claimants. Many times, ordinary insurance or personal injury investigations can evolve into product liability cases when we present our conclusions, which may include a recommendation for subrogation, for instance. Like other cases involving litigation research,  will gather the relevant facts as instructed, but delve further by researching consumer complaints and investigating the background of a particular product. The services typically involved in product liability investigations include:

  • Interview claimant, obtain medical release
  • locate witnesses and obtain statements
  • corporate background research investigations
  • locate and identify additional potential claimants
  • research consumer complaints
  • scene documentation, equipment and scene photographs
  • accident/crash reconstructions
  • coordinate expert research, analysis and testimony
  • research subrogation possibilities
  • evidence gathering
The advantage of international resources in product liability investigations

The scope of product liability investigations is generally not limited to one particular state or country; liability issues do vary in different areas. This fact is understood by our product liability experts, and attention is paid to the necessary considerations in all cases. Many of our investigators have a background in law, or if requested, can consult with associates who are lawyers in order to ensure that all legal issues pertinent to a region are observed. This is especially significant in cases where the scope goes beyond United States law.

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