Recognize The Need For Intellectual Property Protection

As effective business intelligence investigators, has become proficient in all methods of exploiting the vulnerabilities of every type of business. This has, consequently, allowed us to recognize the vulnerabilities of our clients and help them with the protection of their intellectual property.

Commonly exploited internal vulnerabilities include:

  • Lack of, or violations of corporate contracts, such as non-compete and non-disclosure agreements
  • Sabotage
  • Information leaking or selling of customer lists and personal client information
  • Unprotected premises
  • Eavesdropping
  • Unshredded documents

Common results of unprotected internal and external vulnerabilities include:

  • Vendor or competitor production of counterfeit products or merchandise
  • Patent, copyright or trademark infringement
  • Unlicensed distribution
  • Network intrusion
  • Eavesdropping
  • Becoming an easy target for competitive or corporate intelligence
Secure Maximum Protection For Your Intellectual Property

Our experience in working on both sides of the intellectual property arena has given us the advantage of being able to not only assist companies in the investigation of theft, but also in the protection of such valuable assets. However, no amount of security measures can ensure the protection of intellectual property unless a company is willing to prosecute contract violations or conduct investigations into possible infringement matters.

Perpetrators of intellectual property theft often see an easy opportunity, but they are definitely more reluctant when protective measures are instituted, and the target company puts teeth into its protection policies. Vigilant reactive measures can ultimately produce pro-active results. For instance, following the “Napster” controversy, the majority of former ‘thieves’ of copyrighted music no longer attempt to openly distribute it. This was a high-profile example of how full infringement investigations, followed by prosecution, can immediately reduce the effect of intellectual property loss, and maximize its protection in the future.

Along with strict enforcement of policies relating to infringement and contract violations, companies can overcome inadequate physical and intellectual security measures by becoming educated about their vulnerabilities, and working to correct them. can assist all types of companies in assessing security risks, and taking pro-active steps for the protection of intellectual property. We also help them minimize the need for investigations and prosecution of infringement or contract violations by performing one or more of the following services:

In addition, recommends that companies conduct regular internal seminars for employees which address the significance of information and physical security, as well as the relationship between intellectual property loss and their paycheck.

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