Prior to commencing investigations in child custody matters, it is essential that a solid strategy be initially developed. Based upon lengthy experience in child custody cases, recommends that all relevant laws and circumstances be fully examined in order to devise the most effective course of action without jeopardizing the client`s legal suit. It is always strongly urged that our efforts be coordinated with the oversight of the attorney who will be presenting the case in court or mediation. Because families are actually being divided in child custody investigation cases, the emotional factors can often cloud the significant legal aspects involved in such investigations.

On the occasions when attorney involvement is not an option during child custody investigations, initial consultation with the client includes the development of the most useful strategy, which will thereafter be kept in constant consideration by all missing child investigators involved in the case. As an emotionally uninvolved third-party, we are in the position to maintain focus on the client`s objectives without loosing sight of what is important to the case. Once we have an understanding of a case`s background, our lengthy experience will allow us to help you define your objectives and prepare your strategy for investigation.

The process of gathering evidence in support of the client`s legal position can involve many methods of investigation. It is often the case that only one or two of the services listed below is necessary in child custody investigations because a client`s case may be strong enough based upon the laws in the particular state. However, it is just as frequent that child custody investigations require a number of the services listed below. When consulting with an attorney to consider the strategy for child custody investigations, you may find it helpful to review the following list of services which is offered by :

Because we have operatives in all regions of the globe, can offer child custody investigative services in situations which may cross several borders. Our resident agents are fully versed in the regional child custody laws; this is especially helpful in matters involving child abduction by a parent who has left the state or country. In addition, we are the exclusive national investigators for

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