As our name suggests, is able to perform the basic and related services for all Indiana process server matters, both domestically and on an international level. Acting simply as process servers, we take creative steps to verify a subject`s address and availability just prior to our service attempt. Thereafter, we follow up the verification with an appropriate approach as we affect service. We generally obtain a digital photo of the individual served as additional proof of service. With the exception of out-of-state or international cases, process service attempts are generally made on a flat-fee basis; however, it is frequently requested that our servers perform initial efforts to locate a particular subject before attempting to serve papers. In these situations, a flat-fee rate may not be advisable. Quotes for standard service attempts within the metropolitan Indianapolis area are based on the subject`s zip code information.

Upon contacting regarding process server matters in Indiana or elsewhere, it is recommended that the following information be provided in order to receive an accurate quote for services:

  • Subject`s full name and date of birth,
  • Subject`s last known Indiana address and date it was known to be valid,
  • Subject’s telephone number,
  • Subject`s Social Security Number, if available,
  • Nature of papers to be served,
  • Number of previous service attempts,
  • Physical description of subject and subject`s vehicle, if available.

To obtain more detailed information concerning specific Indiana process server rates, or our international services, you may inquire online by clicking here.

Click here to obtain zip code information for a subject`s Indiana or other state address.