Tim Wilcox, CEO

In the 1960s, Tim Wilcox provided security consultation for International Investigators, Inc. when it was still operated by the original founders. His preliminary collaboration with the former FBI, CIA and military intelligence agents of the initial International Investigators, Inc. allowed him to develop a deeper understanding of the business, and eventually led to his purchase of the company in 1970. With a solid background in marketing and management, he was able to build the company into one of the most successful privately-owned investigative firms based in the Midwest. A skilled and well-known Indiana investigator, Mr. Wilcox specializes in security consultation, internal theft investigations, protection of proprietary information and communications, computer and cellular forensics and litigation support.

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Brenda McGinley
Operations Manager

When she joined the team of International Investigators, Inc. in 1999, Brenda McGinley`s management experience in the fields of health care, and commercial and residential real estate permitted her to quickly learn how to handle all aspects of case management. Her rise through the company was facilitated by her ability to integrate her management skills with her natural inclinations as an investigator. At present, Ms. McGinley coordinates a significant portion of the caseload using the methods of streamlining she helped develop which is used exclusively by International Investigators, Inc. By implementing this organized process of communication with both clients and field operatives, she is able to maintain full caseload oversight and generate reports as necessary, always keeping client budget limitations in mind. With her help, we have been able to solidify our ranking as the foremost agency of Indiana private investigators.

Michael G. Turk
Polygraph Examinations

Prior to joining International Investigators, Inc., Michael Turk had become prominent in law enforcement serving as a Major with the Marion County Sheriff's Department (now retired) and currently with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. Mr. Turk specializes in interviewing and polygraph examinations; he has an impressive reputation for getting confessions.

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TSCM Sweep Technicians

Our TSCM Sweep Technicians have completed courses at Research Electronics International.

Martin Wiley is Equipment Certified by REI having demonstrated the requirements for OSCOR, ORION and CPM.




Daniel Smith has been TALAN Certified by REI for Telephone and Line Analyzer Certification.

REI Certificate Smith




Jon Layton
Death and Insurance Investigator

With a law enforcement career dating back to 1968, Jon Layton has been trained in, and involved in every type of criminal investigation. He spent the majority of his career as a homicide investigator, and was a Deputy Marion County (Indiana) Coroner for nine years; his crime scene investigation skills are unmatched. In these capacities, he handled numerous high profile death investigations. He remains active with the Indianapolis Police Department on their Fugitive Recovery Team, and has contacts nationwide in law enforcement. Prior to becoming the senior death and insurance investigator for International Investigators, Inc. in 1997, Mr. Layton had been assisting us with all types of cases since the early 1980s. He has been a valued asset to our company for over 20 years, and his personal attention to casework is frequently requested by insurance companies seeking an Indiana investigator.

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James Steffen

Questioned Document Examiner

For twenty-three years, James Steffen was a senior special agent with the United States Secret Service. During this career, he conducted all types of government investigations, and specialized in financial crimes involving forgery, altered or counterfeit documents. He has been performing handwriting analysis and other questioned document services for clients of International Investigators, Inc. since 1998. Mr. Steffen is a fellow of the American College of Forensic Examiners.

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Steven Schachte
Latent Forensic Fingerprint Expert

A twenty-year career with the Indianapolis Police Department and their renown crime lab provided Steven Schachte with an expertise in fingerprint lifting and analysis which has demonstrated pivotal results for our clients. His techniques and reputation are the reason his testimony as an expert witness is commonly requested.

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Marvin Bud McCorkle
PSE and Polygraph Examinations

With over 35 years of experience in law enforcement, Mr. McCorkle`s investigative talents are many, and his services are in demand. A senior investigator with International Investigators, Inc. since 1995, he continues to conduct voice stress analysis (PSE) and polygraph examinations for our clients. He is a certified PSE instructor for the International Society of Stress Analysis, and has conducted over 10,000 polygraph and PSE examinations. Outside of law enforcement and his investigations career with International Investigators, Inc, he has also served as Senior Director of Security and Loss Prevention in the retail industry for a corporation with over 400 stores. This experience augmented his rich background with the skills necessary to conduct expert security risk assessments and loss prevention investigations on behalf of our clients.

Bud McCorkle is a member of The American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS).

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Norman E. Borders, PCI CFE
Certified Fraud Examiner

Formerly a federal investigator with the Internal Revenue Service, Mr. Borders received the highest levels of training in criminal law, fraud auditing and examination, and forensic accounting. Since leaving the IRS, he has been working in the private sector for over ten years serving companies and individuals in sensitive matters involving fraud and forensic accounting. During this time, he has been instrumental in helping to secure dozens of arrests and indictments, as well as the recovery of over $10 million for various clients. In addition, he has been a critical asset for clients of International Investigators who desire recommendations for internal auditing controls in security risk assessments conducted following embezzlement or fraud investigations. His well-rounded background provides the right expertise for assistance in security and loss prevention investigations.

Mr. Borders is a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and the Institute of Internal Auditors Mr. Borders is not actively taking cases.

Bruce Canal, CPP

Physical Security Expert

With broad experience f rom three separate prongs of the security industry: law enforcement, security operations, and technology integration, Mr. Canal is an expert in physical security. Retired from the Indiana State Police, Mr. Canal can interface with all branches of law enforcement. As the former security director of a Fortune 200 corporation, he understands the demands of budgets versus the need to reduce risk, and as a former senior executive in the technology integration industry, Mr. Canal is well versed in the latest technology products offered today.

Mr. Canal has an extraordinary talent to strategically plan and offer viable security solutions. His approach is to blend all facets of security (people, technology, environment) for a proactive prevention plan, while preparing for the catastrophic event.

His security leadership is well known in several vertical markets, including, K-12 Education, Healthcare, Transportation, Manufacturing and Distribution.

Mr. Canal graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University with a Masters Degree in Business and he holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Indiana University in Criminal Justice. He is frequently called upon to speak about security; he has published many of his findings and is tabbed by the news media as an expert. Mr. Canal is a board certified security professional through the American Society for Industrial Security as a Certified Protection Professional.

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Jack Jacobia & Herb Blitzer,
Resident Forensics Experts

Jack Jacobia
Audio/Video/Computer Forensics Expert

1997 - Present


  • Direct the day-to-day operations of the Institutes forensic imaging lab
  • Built and maintain 20 digital imaging stations in crime labs located throughout the state of Indiana
  • Consult with law enforcement agencies, both locally and throughout the country on their digital imaging needs
  • Developed and instruct ten separate courses on the use of traditional, and digital imaging as well as video and computer forensics for law enforcement. Has now trained over 2,000 peace officers worldwide
  • Expert Witness, State of Indiana v Juan Miguel Serrano, Lake County Cause - #45G01-0010-CF-00213

1995 to 1997


  • Provided software/computer training, digital photo retouching, and desktop publishing services
  • Software instructor for CompUSA, Inc
  • Private tutoring on software and computer fundamentals
  • Contract trainer for Computer Systems Resources

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Herb Blitzer
Audio/Video/Computer Forensics Expert

2004 - Present

Purdue School of Science, Visiting Professor of Physics and Forensic Science

1999 - Present

President, Treasurer & Executive Director
(IFI became an independent not-for-profit corporation in 198)

1997 - 1998

Executive Director, Institute for Forensic Imaging

  • Co-teacher, along with Jack Jacobia of two, two-semester, for-academic-credit courses at IUPUI on Crime Scene Photography and Forensic Digital Imaging.
  • Founded the Institute for Forensic Imaging, a not-for-profit organization affiliated with IUPUI and tasked to develop imaging applications for law enforcement and teach practitioners
  • Principal Investigator of a $400,000 project, funded by the National Institute of Justice, to evaluate and improve video surveillance technology for use in schools
  • Principal Investigator, Congressional Earmark for $200,000 to upgrade teaching and research capabilities.
  • Principal Investigator, Congressional Earmark for $500,000 to establish a new Center in Indiana and test new technologies in forensic science
  • Managed a program to develop, design and install imaging systems in 9 crime labs in Indiana
  • Manager of domestic violence investigation improvement program: involved 12 police departments and prosecutors in two counties

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Patrick Calhoun,

Forensic Accountant


A former criminal investigator for the IRS, Patrick Calhoun brings more than 30-years experience to International Investigators, Inc. in his role as Forensic Accountant and Auditor. As an expert witness in civil and even criminal proceedings, and as a trained and experienced field operative, Mr. Calhoun specializes in conducting as well as managing criminal tax, financial and money-laundering investigations. He has directly participated in as well as provided oversight on every major component of the IRS` White Collar Crime Program. Mr. Calhoun has also worked as a contract consultant in investigative fraud for banks, law firms, small-to-mid-size businesses and corporations, city governments and insurance companies. A former Special Agent In Charge of the Year for the IRS-CID, he will be in charge of International Investigator`s forensic accounting and auditing operations.

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Michael R. Hathaway, CFE, CAMS, P.I.
Certified Fraud and Forensic Expert


A former Gaming Agent and Financial Investigator for the State of Indiana, Michael has more than 18 years of fraud-related experience.  Most recently Michael has served 10 years with the State of Indiana, specializing in white collar crime, financial investigations, fraud interrogations, and compliance auditing.  Michael earned his Bachelor's degree in accounting from the University of Indianapolis and became a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) in 2002, a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) in 2009 and a licensed Private Investigator (PI) in 2012.  He has been trained by the John E. Reid School of Interview and Interrogations and by the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) with a concentration on crime and financial investigations within the gaming industry.

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W. Gregory Wright, CFE, CFP, CLU, ChFC

Certified Fraud Examiner

Greg Wright

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