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You need high quality, independent information to support your client and their case. After-all, a good attorney never asks a question without already knowing the answer. We help you get those answers.

60 Years in Business

Over 10,000 Legal Cases Supported

Exceptional Service

Deep Industry Expertise

Accurate, Reliable Information

60 Years in Business

  • Family Law for Hidden or Undisclosed Assets
    • Custody and Divorce
  • Civil Litigation: Plaintiff or Defendant
  • Pre-Litigation research on Plaintiff’s Assets
  • Judgement Recovery

Bug Sweeps

  • Detect Electronic Eavesdropping Devices
  • Corporate Offices
    • Sensitive Meetings
    • Contract Litigations
  • Residential
    • Divorce
    • Stalking

Process Services

  • We personally Serve Marion and Surrounding Counties
    • Email or mail the documents to us
    • For an extra fee, we will pick up documents from your office
    • We provide a Notarized Affidavit of Service with Signatures
  • We have the capability to have your documents delivered anywhere in the US

Background Checks

  • Comprehensive Personal Profiles and SSN Verification
  • Criminal Records & Civil Litigation Records in all 50 states
  • Driving and Registration Records

Pre-Trial & Litigation Research

  • Assist with Discovery

Digital Forensics

Court Admissible Extractions and Analysis


  • Malicious Software Analysis (Spyware)
  • Perform Full Logical Data Extraction Including deleted information
    • Contacts, TextsAll in Investigationsoming/Outgoing Calls, Emails, web browser, etc
    • Social Media Date Recovery including Tender Chats,         Instagram, Twitter, etc. 
  • Cell Tower Locations for Activity on Specific Dates & Times
    • If the (Location Data) is enabled, we can obtain info from the device
    • If the (Location Data) is not enabled, please call for process to obtain


  • Complete Computer Imaging and Analysis

I am happy to recommend All In Investigations to my follow attorneys. Over the years All in Investigations has found witnesses no one else could find, serve papers no one else could serve and given me the ammunition I needed to win some very important cases. Sometimes I wonder if Paul Drake works there.

David P. Murphy


Call Us to Get Started:  Provide us the facts of your case and expected outcome.  We will provide you with an estimation of costs.  We will create an Agreement for Services to include, if required, an Attorney Client Privilege Clause.  

The Investigation will be conducted: All Investigations are performed in an ethical manner so that results can be used in court. Any third party verified documents, videos and still photos of activity will be included in your report. Note: We do not charge for calls, emails, texts or updates during and after our investigation.

A Final report will be sent via your preference in a timely manner.  Feel Free contact us if you have any questions regarding any portion of our report.   

We are an international private investigations company based in Indiana with resident agents in numerous US cities, as well as countries across the globe. All in InvestigationsAll in Investigations. formerly  offers international and Indiana private investigator services for clients worldwide. Since 1960, our Indiana investigators have been trusted to gather information from all parts of the globe to help clients make informed decisions. All in InvestigationsAll in Investigations. formerly  is a full-service investigative firm comprised of a team of full-time professional Indiana investigators as well as numerous contract specialists in the fields of serology, handwriting analysis, forensic fingerprint comparison, lie detectionquestioned document examinationaudio/video enhancement and authentication, and technical surveillance countermeasures sweeps.

In 2017 and with over 20 years’ experience as the Director of Operations, Brenda McGinley purchased All in Investigations. an established Investigative firm that has been in business since the 1960’s. She merged her company, All in Investigations., with and moved to a new location at 71st and Binford Avenue. Her rise through the company was facilitated by her ability to integrate her management skills with her natural inclinations as an investigator. With a background in health care, commercial/ residential real estate and a paralegal certification she seamlessly took over of the company and continues to work one on one with Clients. Ms. McGinley specializes in Domestic/Custody Cases, Worker’s Comp and Disability Surveillances, Computer and Cellular Forensics, Litigation Support, Background Checks and Pre-Employment Backgrounds.

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