As private detectives whose product is often audio or video documentation, it is obvious that we would be equipped with the resources for technical evidence enhancement. Likewise, our resources and skills must be utilized to ensure our own credibility. Therefore, we observe court-dictate protocols regarding evidence enhancement and authentication, and provide the services necessary for our clients to do the same … especially when it involves video or audio tape, or digital media.

Audio and Video Evidence Enhancement

The purpose of using audio recording or security camera systems is to document evidence of any matter of significance. But when uncontrollable circumstances interfere with the listener or viewer`s ability to recognize action or dialogue, or identify persons and things, the evidence could be rendered useless without enhancement. Recent technological advancements have assisted in resolving a majority of the complications affecting clarity and intelligibility. utilizes the latest advancements for audio and video evidence enhancement so that the evidence can still be used.

The Importance of Video and Audio Tape Authentication

Whenever video or audio tape evidence is introduced into legal proceedings, it is a given fact that it will be questioned and will require some sort of authentication. Sometimes simple chain of custody verification is sufficient; other times, more technical measures are required. can address this matter by conducting a forensic examination of the video or audio tape, preparing and supplying the appropriate authentication documentation, and/or providing expert witness testimony.

Conversely, there are situations – both inside and outside of the courtroom – where possible tampering brings serious doubt on a specific video or audio tape unless proper authentication has been conducted. Following forensic analysis of the original digital or analogue recordings, our technical expert will document and/or testify to the indications which suggest tampering has occurred.

For all video and audio tape authentications, it is necessary for our forensic analysis to have not only the original digital or analogue recording, but also the device which produced the questioned recording. This is a general requirement of the forensic process which permits the technical expert to attempt a correlation between the unique signature pattern imprinted by the equipment with the points in the recording where tampering might be suspected. This is especially important for audio tape authentication purposes.

When considering the possibility of entering audio or video evidence into an investigation or lawsuit, it is important to know whether or not this is in direct violation of the applicable state laws – which could result in criminal charges. Click here to review the most recent national index of state recording statutes and laws regarding video and audio recordings.

To obtain more detailed information concerning evidence enhancement, or specific audio tape authentication matters, you may inquire online by clicking here.