The most commonly performed litigation research services are those conducted on behalf of plaintiffs or civil defendants wherein simple fact-finding and evidence gathering investigations are undertaken. It is well-known that private investigators assist attorneys in matters such as divorce, child custody, accident and injury. goes beyond the ordinary by expanding its litigation research services to include jury panel reviews, expert witness testimony, forensic accounting specialists and financial asset research. With the numerous worldwide resources at our disposal, we have the ability to assist in a wide range of litigation matters by performing any one of the following research services:

Additional litigation matters for which the evidence gathering and research services of are consistently requested include:

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Investigations may initially seem simple and localized, but after following leads generated from preliminary inquiries, cases can occasionally evolve into matters of an international scale. In these circumstances, is ready for the challenge with over 50 years of experience in pursuing cases worldwide. Working either for attorneys or individuals, our litigation research services can be performed by our resident agents in any part of the globe. By having experienced investigators in all regions, we are permitted to not only research litigation without confronting linguistic, political or social barriers, but also perform these services with an understanding of the local legal requirements.

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