The Victim`s Obligation to Research Embezzlement

It is unfortunate, but true, that in matters of embezzlement, the burden of proof falls upon the victim, who must undertake initial research in order to determine if such a crime has occurred. In the majority of cases, law enforcement will not make an arrest and prosecutors will not make indictments for employee embezzlement until they have been given sufficient grounds or probable cause. Therefore, it is entirely up to victims to ensure that all circumstances, evidence and investigative procedures have been fully documented. Essentially, they must conduct their own full embezzlement investigation.

As a result, it is extremely important that all investigative measures are executed properly so that any future court proceedings will not be jeopardized. Investigation of embezzlement must, therefore, be conducted methodically, utilizing forensic accounting specialists who will be able to testify as expert witnesses, if necessary.

The Importance of Protecting Against Later Complications

Properly performed employee embezzlement investigations are significant also when the employee or associate in question is dismissed on such grounds. Prior to terminating the business or employment relationship, it is in the victim`s best interest to fully investigate and document the questionable activities of the embezzler in order to minimize the future risk of an unfair dismissal lawsuit.

Engaged as experienced, third-party investigators in such matters, we are in the position to research employee embezzlement according to proper procedure using methods of forensic accounting so that allegations of self-interest on behalf of the victim can be avoided. typically employs the following research techniques and specialists in cases of embezzlement:

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