Missing Person and Skip Tracing All In Investigations is a team of experienced private detectives which has been performing skip trace services since before many of our competitors were born. Having entered the world of missing person or skip trace investigations long before computer databases were available, we developed the methods, resources and contacts necessary to locate even the most difficult to find fugitives. Therefore, we are not limited to searching database records to skip trace like many other modern private detectives; we can fall back on our traditional `gumshoe` methods. Using the same computer tools – maybe even a few more – we have the advantage of instinct and the understanding of how to `work` a lead.

Ordinary skip trace service providers are not private detectives; they neither desire to leave their offices, nor do they have the network of contacts or resources to locate someone who has kidnapped a child, or expertly embezzled a large fortune. Private detectives such as are specialists who are prepared for the greatest challenges, while still being capable of performing a simple skip trace within the confines of our office. When the basic skip trace evolves into interstate or overseas flight, is equipped and waiting to flex our muscles in pursuit of the subject. Beyond just being the `bread and butter` of our profession, missing person or skip trace investigations are often the most interesting, exciting and rewarding because we can utilize the full range of our skills as private detectives.

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