Indiana Investigations into matters of sexual harassment are delicate and are generally performed under the direction of either human resources departments, or personal or corporate attorneys. Such allegations create emotional and complex situations for all parties involved, and result in long-lasting consequences for corporations and individuals. It is, therefore, necessary for such investigations to be conducted with sensitivity to the heightened workplace tensions caused by sexual harassment allegations.

As outsiders, is frequently called upon by companies to initially approach witnesses and individuals involved for statements in order to determine whether or not a sexual harassment case has merit. Baseless claims of sexual harassment can be extremely damaging to Indiana workplace relationships and corporate morale. Often times, a tactful investigation performed by a third-party can bring about a more gentle resolution when there is a situation of false allegations.

Conversely, when allegations are not fully investigated, it might appear that the claims are baseless; however, this may not be true. Thus, it is important that every step is taken to reach an informed conclusion. If the claims are not taken seriously with a proper investigation, victims of sexual harassment may feel they have no other alternative but to hire an attorney to represent them in a lawsuit. has the experience to benefit companies by ensuring that full sexual harassment investigations are completed.

As experienced third-party investigators, our Indiana staff interviewers have an understanding of the nature of these situations and realize that there are occasions when a matter of sexual harassment will not be dropped. We recognize when a lawsuit might be forthcoming, and we work to prepare companies to face such an eventuality by ensuring that all aspects have been fairly researched. Because also assists the private attorneys who represent victims of sexual harassment, we recognize the tactics and issues relating to both sides of such cases. This allows us to offer seasoned expertise in such investigations for all potential parties involved.

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