While it is primarily insurance companies who utilize the death investigation services of , we are also commonly consulted by private individuals regarding suspicious death claims. Former Deputy Marion County (Indianapolis) Coroner and longtime Indianapolis Police Department homicide detective, Jon Layton, has been instrumental in catapulting our reputation for outstanding success in the investigation of both contestable death claims and suspicious death claims. His reliance on proven scientific approaches, as well as his well-developed instinct as a former police homicide detective benefits all parties interested in conducting any sort of death investigation.

Insurance Death Claim Investigation

For over forty-five years, has been acclaimed for specializing in overseas death claims which may or may not have occurred during the contestable period. This may not seem significant to all insurance professionals, however, experienced claims examiners recognize how important it is to obtain exactly the right evidence for the denial of death claims arising out of suspicious or fraudulent circumstances. When dealing with foreign cultures, customs, currencies and governments, it is often difficult for claims professionals to procure sound, verifiable documentation. That is why we are renowned; our foreign resident agents can conduct death claims investigations thoroughly, effectively, and without political or cultural complications. Moreover, our overseas investigators have the experience which enables them to be mindful of the sensitive considerations relating to contestable death claims.

Some of the services frequently requested in either suspicious death claims, or contestable death claims investigations include the following:

  • Obtain death certificate, medical records, police/fire/ambulance reports
  • Document burial/gravesite information
  • Obtain obituary and/or other newspaper information
  • Obtain coroner or medical examiner records and/or formal statements
  • Scene photographs
  • Interview witnesses
  • Civil or criminal records research regarding insured and/or beneficiary

With all death investigations conducted either in the USA or overseas, also offers translation services for documents obtained.

While death verification is generally the objective of most contestable or suspicious death claims investigations, insurance adjustors sometimes find that a case may have evolved into a criminal matter and further research is necessary. In such circumstances, is prepared to conduct a forensic death investigation. Our forensic experts here and abroad can be of assistance, especially when it appears an accidental death claim was faked, or body substitution has occurred.

Private Death Investigation

It is not uncommon for families to question whether or not a loved one`s death was truly an accident or suicide, or even occurred at all. They also may wish to investigate in terms of possibly pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit. Like with our insurance services, our death claims investigators are able to work both here and abroad in order to clarify any suspicious circumstances. If necessary or requested, forensic investigative techniques may be implemented.

Private death matters require not only sensitivity to our clients` feelings, but also a full understanding of a family`s objective. With over 50 years of experience in private death investigations, is prepared to approach each case with the knowledge and personal consideration that is expected in such situations.

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