The various forms of Workers Compensation Investigations

The nature of workers compensation assignments varies, and understands that our clients` needs are different, depending upon whether they are investigating for fraud, subrogation, or AOE/COE purposes. During the last four and a half decades, our interview and sub rosa services have been utilized in a variety of applications for our legal, corporate and insurance clients. Our rich experience with workers compensation fraud investigations has enabled us to develop a sense of a case`s character from the time of its predication. We can be relied upon to provide sound conclusions and recommendations as a case evolves in order to assist you in getting it settled in a timely manner.

All assignments are approached with the expectation that the investigative results may be presented before a state workers compensation board or in a court of law. Therefore, we understand the importance of ensuring that our clients are shown to have conducted a thorough investigation in a professional manner. The reputation of depends upon making our clients appear informed and their cases methodical in such circumstances.


With our combined experience in the fields of insurance, litigation and defense investigation , , Inc. is able to draw upon the expertise of our various specialists in order to ensure that all factors have been examined in even the most complex workers compensation fraud AOE/COE cases. We can take care of every aspect in AOE/COE cases by obtaining everything from medical and machinery records to arranging IMEs, and conducting any necessary background research.As we collect the various statements, photographs, measurements and conduct any necessary equipment examinations, we keep watch for any factors indicating a possibility for subrogation. In cases of AOE/COE automobile or equipment accidents, we also consider and report on any product liability possibilities.

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Because the laws concerning workers compensation and subrogation can be complex, the staff of makes every effort to keep informed of significant trends. When useful information is acquired, we often share it with clients who have expressed an interest. Therefore, we frequently post relevant articles at this site for easy access to detailed information.

To review a recent article about subrogation published in Volume 2, Number 1 of the Pierce Law Review 2004 concerning workers` compensation and third party tortfeasors by Micah Echols, please click the article title below:

Are Private Automobile Insurance Companies Replacing Workers` Compensation Coverage When the Employee/Insured is Injured in the Course and Scope of Employment by a Third-Party Tortfeasor?: Rubin v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company

Sub Rosa Investigations

Workers compensation fraud is so prevalent that many employers and insurance companies request that we conduct sub rosa investigations simultaneously while working the AOE/COE aspect. Many times, of course, we have simply been requested to conduct standard surveillance or an activities check in an old claim. Because our agency has a worldwide network of operatives, is able to follow up on the same claims even when a claimant has moved. With little more than a moment`s notice in many cases, we can arrange to be in position to observe a claimant prior to, and following an IME … anywhere on the globe. We are frequently informed by our clients that they appreciate the continuity we provide on cases which are periodically reviewed over the course of many years.

Services in sub rosa investigations can include the following:

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