To Whom it May Concern,

I would like to thank the good people at All in Investigations.  I had a 35 year old situation that I wanted to resolve.  I contacted International and spoke with Carolyn and told her what was going on and what I needed.  She put me through to Brenda, who talked with me and then took on my case.  Within 48 hours they had found the information I needed.  These people were not only efficient, but they cared about me as a client, this is something you do not find anymore.  The situation is now solved and I sincerely thank these people.  They took care of something in a short time that I had been trying to do for years.

L. Bishop


Dear Inc,

To have dealt with your professional, courteous and friendly staff has truly been a pleasure. I appreciate all of the efforts you have set forth in obtaining the information that has played a vital role throughout my entire custody proceeding.

Your meticulously prepared final report has been crucial in presenting the DRCB evaluators and Judges with nondisputable factual evidence. Your report has also saved me additional legal fees and has avoided future court appearances.

On behalf of myself, my son and my entire family, I would like to thank you for the professional services that you have rendered us. Your contributions have helped bring my son home. My son’s well being is no longer an issue and now has a bright promising future. Your expertise is truly second to none and I would recommend you to anyone without any hesitation or reserve.


A Grateful Father,
Mr. Mamakas


Dear Ms. McGinley,

My youngest daughter, Courtney Holmes, was married in October of 2008.  In early 2009, it became clear that her full Wedding Day portfolio of Pictures – from getting dressed in the morning through the last dance late that night as the crowd began to make their way home – had completely disappeared. The Photographer, Lotus Photography, had gone out of business, refused to answer our calls and had simply dropped off the earth, forgetting to provide any pictures of my daughter’s special wedding experience.  She had paid $3000 for memories that now were lost.  She was heartbroken.

I was referred to by a legal acquaintance.  Brenda McGinley and her diligent Team of investigators were able to locate the Photographer who was living in AndersonIndiana.  While we were working a parallel pathway with another Photographer who was also taking pictures at the Wedding, Mrs. McGinley’s investigator conducted a stakeout and eventually confronted the original Photographer. He filmed the entire confrontation with a button camera, allowing me to see the persuasive approach used to retrieve the Wedding Pictures my daughter was so eager to find.  Without their clever investigation tools, experienced and knowledgeable personnel and just a strong concern to help my family, I am sure that we would not have gotten those pictures back.  We were very pleased at this happy ending to a potentially awful story.

I am pleased to provide this story and hope it helps others make a decision to utilize Mrs. McGinley’s services to solve their problems.

Best regards,

Gregory S. Dunn
IndianapolisIndiana resident


To Whom It May Concern:

We have contracted for several projects over the past two years. In that time, we have found them to be both very reliable and effective in achieving the results we expected. Additionally, treated us with great respect and were very attentive to the subtleties of our requests. We would certainly recommend them to anyone who may need their services.


Michael Foit
Apex Energy Group


Dear Brenda and everyone at All in Investigations,

Thank you so much.  Your information was very helpful and your service was fast and accurate.  I am totally grateful for all of your support and insight. I would definitely recommend your agency to anyone in need of your services.

Ina Baca

Testimonial from Client J. K. Mc Dole:

Contacted Brenda at All in Investigations on January 13, 2011, to see if they could help in my search for the adopted son of my cousin, who was deceased…. I had spent 4 days of hard searching on the internet, using various search engines, working with the only information I had….A first name and a last name….Wasn’t sure the first name I had was a first name, or a middle name…. During my search did find his mother’s name, but I already knew that she had passed away some time back….This quickly became a dead end. Only hours after contacting this company, was contacted with the news that they had found him….The $250.00 I paid for their services was nothing compared to the headaches I was getting searching on my own.

Thank you Brenda and Carolyn,
Lord Bless
J.K. Mc Dole


Dear Brenda:

I would like to take a moment to reflect on All in Investigations performance in aiding my client’s pursuit of hidden marital assets.

All in Investigations worked diligently in discovering these hidden assets her ex-husband so deliberately chose to evade in their divorce.

It is rare in this age of electronic surveillance and computer technology to be able to work so closely with real people. Brenda was not only dedicated to achieving results, but acted way above the norm in comparison to companies I have dealt with in the past. You not only stayed on top of the case, but kept my client and myself informed throughout the entire investigation, were confident to ask our input and our opinions, and were at our disposal on the rare occasions that additional questions arose. This added personal touch went a long way in relieving additional stress this situation brought to my client.

I found All in Investigations very professional on all levels, but on a more personal level, they not only talk the talk, but walk the walk, and achieved results in the most difficult of situations, step by step to the bitter end.

I highly recommend All in Investigations to anyone who has a need for investigative work, who is looking to invest and work with a professional firm that will listen to you as a person, will communicate in a very detailed manner how they perceive your situation, and then will strive to accomplish those results in a very timely, organized, efficient manner.

Steven Parks Esquire


Dear Brenda,

My name is Bryan L. Ciyou, and I am an Indianapolis, Indiana attorney. I have been in private practice for approximately 18 years, and am one of the principles of Ciyou & Dixon, P.C. I literally started the firm from scratch with a simple premise, to handle every case as well as it could be every time. I strive for 100%, 100% of the time.

Today, I handle exceedingly complex cases throughout the State, and have been involved with many that have a high-profile dimension or involve multi-state litigation. The key to my success as an attorney has been to identify every variable that might impact a client’s legal objective and endeavor to control as many as possible.

I learned early on this is simply impossible without a close working relationship with the professionals who could work with me on those components outside normal legal parameters of case management. The problem with this is that every case has some finite budget relative to what is at risk. So not every necessary professional can be employed in every case.

This said, and the point of this letter is to recommend to you Brenda McGinley of All in Investigations. I met Brenda at about the time I began practicing. Of all of the third-party resources I rely on to maximize my case statistical odds, I get the most value from Brenda and International.

Just recently, he was able to locate a person who was nearly a ghost. That was the difference between being able to try to enforce a $200,000 judgment or letting it go by the wayside. This was inexpensive and obtained a remarkable benefit for our client.

In a more troubling case, an apparently innocent individual was convicted of a crime he did not commit by jury bias. Our Ciyou & Dixon, P.C. client did not even have the right name of the witness who could make this link. Nevertheless, International found these persons.

It is not an overstatement to say I cannot do my job and would not have the success I do today but for the dedication and attentiveness of In essence, if the evidence, fact, person, or information central to a case exists, Brenda will locate it in timely and cost effective manner.

I would urge you, no matter how esoteric the legal issue/need, and even if it does not seem to be within the purview of private investigation as an applicable tool, to contact Brenda and With technology expanding at an exponential rate, information that was unavailable just few short years ago is now only a few key strokes away.

Again, I commend and recommend Brenda and All in Investigations to your organization. If you would like to speak with me about my successes with private investigation and Mrs. McGinley, please contact me. You may reach me by e-mail at

Outstanding work, Brenda. Best personal regards.

Respectfully submitted,
Bryan L. Ciyou, Attorney at Law
Principal and President, Ciyou & Dixon, P.C.


RE: Looking for an individual

Thank you for the transcripts and giving it your all.  I am satisfied and have no regrets of the work you all did.

Thank you,Irvin E. Harlon


Thank you for helping me with my Case.

My Mother died in a nursing home and I was trying to get information so the Attorney General may re-open the case.

Even though it’s undetermined what the outcome may be for my particular case, I would like to thank for the work they did; and Yes, I would use them again.

John T. Garrett


Dear Brenda,

All in Investigations is staffed with caring individuals.  Brenda worked beyond the confines of my ability to afford a private investigation.  I greatly appreciate and am grateful for her efforts to try to bring justice to the situation.

Thank you,


To whom it may concern:

On October 16, 2013, I hired to perform a full background check on myself.  I needed the check to be complete and performed in a timely fashion.

All in Investigations surpassed my expectations with friendly, fast and thorough service.  Within a day I had a response with much of the information requested and soon after a comprehensive and thorough summary of all information.  In addition, all information provided is complete and verified.

I highly recommend All in Investigations.