In the game of Business Intelligence Research, the role of private investigators is not commonly known, nor should it be. In fact, it is frequently preferred that the involvement of investigators is kept a secret. The services provided by private investigators in business intelligence matters are often retained through statistical research and consultancy agencies that have been commissioned to conduct comprehensive market and industry studies. Such studies generally include competitive or corporate intelligence, or acquisition and counter acquisition research. focuses more on the `organic and tangible` aspects of business intelligence research, as opposed to industry and market analysis figures, which should be left to those specialists who crunch the numbers.

What exactly is Business Intelligence?

According to the research of one of the leading international authorities on business and competitive intelligence:

“Business intelligence is any combination of data, information, and knowledge concerning the business environment in which a company operates that, when acted upon, will confer a significant competitive advantage or enable sound decisions to be made. Thus, for practitioners, the term encompasses both competitive intelligence and knowledge management. Involvement in business intelligence operations will enable the organization to, inter alia:

  • anticipate and manage risk;
  • seek opportunities and new markets;
  • take action before competitors;
  • innovate;
  • improve planning and decision-making.

The term is also widely accepted as being concerned with information technology solutions for transforming the output from large data collections into so-called intelligence; usually through the integration of sales, marketing, servicing, and support activities. Also loosely referred to as customer relationship management, it covers such activities as data mining and enterprise reporting, and the associated software. Those involved in this form of business intelligence tend to regard it as simply one aspect of knowledge management. Systems based on such software have replaced the term Executive Information Systems.”

-Vernon Prior, author of the article, “Language of BI”, which is posted as a .pdf file at the website for The Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals,

What are the Business Intelligence Services offered by ?

It is often the case that companies have previously collected and considered the pertinent market and industry research, but they are still uncertain about entering a new market, or proceeding with a particular acquisition or counter acquisition endeavor. Questions may still remain regarding unmeasured factors, such as employee satisfaction, sabotage, executive fraud, or security vulnerabilities. This common corporate intelligence scenario provides the opportunity to apply our expertise utilizing a combination of discreet methods and services, which may include:

`s discreet business intelligence services are often useful in intellectual property protection matters. Corporate intelligence is also sometimes used as leverage against unethical competitors by identifying, documenting and publicly reporting specific incidents or business practices.

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