Few private investigators are able to undertake the complex cases which require the specialized skills of a forensic accountant. The very nature of most embezzlement and fraud investigations generally necessitates the meticulous and thorough process of forensic accounting simply to determine the full extent of what has happened to a victim; forensic accounting for damage assessment purposes. Because this process requires the talents of a CPA who is distinctively trained as a forensic accountant, is referred a substantial portion of such cases by other detective agencies. The skills required to accomplish the numerous objectives inherent in fraud and embezzlement cases are acquired only after decades of experience and intensive training to qualify as a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE). Click here to learn more about International Investigator’s own Forensic Accountant.

With the current post-Enron and WorldCom business climate, the rare skills of a forensic accountant are in much demand, not only for potential prosecution purposes, but also because they are instrumental in developing solid preventative internal controls. For this purpose and others, we find that the clients of our forensic accounting services are usually stockholder committees, estate and tax attorneys, and public or private corporations. Each of our forensic accountants have over 30 years of experience working as CFEs, and their expertise is unexcelled in cases where we are specifically investigating for:

No situation is ever too complicated for when it comes to preparing fraud or embezzlement cases for court or to meet a client`s other objectives. Our forensic accountants will work in cooperation with our other investigators and forensic experts, exchanging leads, documents and other useful information to ensure all aspects of a full investigation are covered. It is not uncommon for our forensic accounting services to be combined with:

It is frequently the case that forensic accounting is utilized as the initial step, from which a case will evolve. When this occurs, our network of resources, investigators and forensic manpower is always in place to follow the leads wherever necessary, even overseas. Especially in cases of fraud, embezzlement and money laundering, it is important that our forensic accountants locate and identify a client`s missing assets, which can often be found outside of the United States.

For matters involving forensic accounting, it is usually the case that once the crime has been researched and documented, and the methods and identities of the perpetrators are discovered, legal proceedings will follow. The work performed by our forensic accountants is always conducted with this expectation; therefore, we are prepared for any subsequent discovery and expert witness testimony.

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