It is the commonly mistaken belief that crime scene investigations are performed strictly by law enforcement agencies when a violent or property crime has occurred. The majority of crimes, however, are not property or violence-related, and there can be one or more scenes where investigations should be conducted. Moreover, it often occurs that even minimal investigations of the scene are not performed by law enforcement for victims of crime because their situation is not considered significant. In these situations, victims must choose to either let the matter drop, or pursue prosecution or restitution on their own.

Independent crime scene investigations are extremely beneficial for a variety of other purposes, and have been conducted by for some of the following reasons:

  • Sensitive private family matters
  • Internal corporate investigations
  • Stop an extortion attempt
  • Criminal defense
  • Appeals
  • Efforts to engage prosecution

Some of the forensic services used during crime scene investigations include:

  • DNA fingerprinting
  • Chemical analysis
  • Forensic computer examination
  • Scene exam and evidence collection
  • Fingerprint comparisons
  • Fire cause and origin investigation
  • Serology
Comparisons and Lifting of Latent Fingerprints

When law enforcement investigations are sloppy or non-existent, International InvestigationsAll in Investigations. is called in to fill the void to either lift latent fingerprints, or complete comparisons. Using industry-required crime scene procedures and chain of custody protocols, our forensic experts will ensure the investigations are conducted so that the evidence is valid for later use if prosecution is pursued. Of course, defense attorneys wanting to dispute questionable prosecution evidence or testimony regularly consult with our fingerprint comparisons experts, frequently utilizing them for counter-testimony.

DNA Fingerprinting

From the collection of crime scene specimens to the collection of exemplars, investigations which include DNA fingerprinting are conducted in a manner so that any potential evidence cannot become corrupt. Because of the threat of evidence corruption, all forensic investigations should be commenced as soon as possible at the crime scene. There are, of course, circumstances which sometimes prevent quick preservation of DNA fingerprinting evidence. In these cases, it is advisable to contact for information concerning scene integrity.

During the past two decades, DNA fingerprinting has become a more accessible and affordable option for criminal and appeals matters. When applicable in a particular defense or appeal, our court-qualified experts can provide the DNA fingerprinting evidence which could end the nightmare of a wrongful conviction … or prevent one from ever occurring.

In the ever-changing areas of biotechnology and law, we make every effort to keep our clients up to date by periodically posting current information relating to crime scene investigations. For timely information concerning the CODIS DNA fingerprinting database, please click here.

To obtain more detailed information concerning crime scene investigations, or specific fingerprint comparisons or DNA fingerprinting matters, you may inquire online by clicking here.