Pattern Recognition, Toilet Paper & Observations from Your Private InvestigatorsIt doesn’t take an investigator to determine what is an essential business and what is a non-essential business, nor does it take an investigator to observe the closed signs on business doors, the empty parking lots around the city or the lack of traffic.  The decrease in activity is obvious.  From our observation, what has increased is the number of emails that are asking us to make purchases for various goods and services, but don’t expect to get your hands on certain paper products.

What’s up with individuals hoarding toilet paper, cleaning supplies, or paper products in general, to include various medical supplies needed for health care workers?  How much disinfecting is needed in one household?  We’ve racked our brains here trying to come up with “the” answer, even with our investigative minds, we have failed in solving this toilet paper hoarding issue.  And it seems this is a problem all over the US, not just in our state.  Look online; there are entertaining photos and captions referencing the lack of toilet paper to consumers.  At one time, it was amusing, we had a laugh, but now, the problem has become real for a lot of people.

I was talking to my 6-year-old granddaughter and she said, don’t worry Grandma, we have one roll of toilet paper and when “the sickness” is gone, we can get more!  Why would hoarders of toilet paper not think of our little ones, the elderly or the families with multiple children?   When reality hits home, that’s when you become more aware of situations that you have never experienced.  I don’t claim to have answers for everybody, and I don’t promise what I can’t deliver, but we do whatever we can within our field to help others in need.

I love my job; I love helping others to find answers during an emotional time.  I love to dig through unverified information and pull out what is true and what is not.  I hear stories that are heartbreaking, some humorous, and some that even shock me, but I listen.  I have no idea if their need for help will turn into an investigation, all I know is at that moment when someone is pouring their heart and soul out to a stranger, they need to be heard.  I make no comparison to my 6-year-old granddaughter talking about toilet paper and “the sickness” to a divorce or custody case, or someone being accused of something they didn’t do or commit.  What I am saying is that we are all human and what we face as individuals affects us in varying degrees.  Again, when it hits home, when it touches us personally, when we see things for the first time or when we hear stories we react on different levels.

As a small business working in a field that is now considered non-essential, I will continue to answer calls, work cases, conduct the investigation and I will continue to just listen.  Even if that’s all someone needs; to have their thoughts and feelings heard by a person who does not judge, I will listen.

Yes, I will make sure my granddaughter has enough toilet paper and make every effort that “the sickness” doesn’t come to her door.

All in Investigations, Inc.

Brenda J. McGinley, Owner of a Small Business just trying to help make someone’s life a little easier.