When to Investigate AND When Not to InvestigateI am a firm believer in the phrase, “Life Happens”, referencing situations and events that you can and cannot control.  When decisions are made by others that personally affect you, you have two choices:  “Let it Go!” Or take “Action” How do you decide which path to take. I get that question all the time from prospective Clients. They want to know what they can do or if they should do anything. I am far from having the qualifications to provide professional legal or mental advice, but I am certain from years of being a professional investigator qualifies me to provide recommendations and share like case findings and results.

To sit back and do nothing may be the most logical option, but if it causes inner turmoil or financial difficulties then I suggest taking “Action” or at least learning about the avenues an Investigative company can provide. In situations that require legal counsel, I highly recommend consulting with a few firms and find one that best fits your needs as their Client. There are a lot to choose from and we are happy to recommend law firms that we have conducted investigations for and against. Any type of case where criminal charges could be filed requires legal assistance. Any case that needs evidence in order to press charges, we can assist in obtaining and have worked many such cases.

Custody or Domestic (Divorce) Cases require documented proof of activities, addictions, time spent with children during visitation, asset searches, hidden monies, infidelity, etc. in which 9 times out of 10, I recommend “Taking Action”. Never just “Let it Go”. Learn the truth and be prepared in court should it go in that direction. Never accept information you have been given without verification. You may have lived with this person for years, but you never know when they emotionally or financially checked out of that relationship and what they are capable of doing or hiding, especially if they have moved on and entered into a new phase of their life. If they have a secret that could affect your future, your children, or your job it is necessary to be as knowledgeable as possible regarding that situation because sometimes you only have one shot at the truth. Many times, the emotional connection in a domestic or custody case can be overwhelming by family members and friend’s advice. This can lead to missed opportunities in obtaining the facts.

Taking Action may be the harder road to travel, but the end results can remove the doubt or burden and allow the truth to be known.