Divorce Property Division, Are You Sure You’re Getting Your Half of The Assets?There have been many songs written about “Breakups” and “Divorces” where one party is emotionally more affected than the other.  It doesn’t matter if love is lost, someone has an extra marital affair or life choices is the cause, one party may either be surprised by the decision or has seen it coming for a while.  When love is lost, the divorce may be an easy process, but if one party has wronged the other, there may be ramifications for the party who made the decision to quit the marriage. Like the old saying goes:  Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.1

Men or women may be blind-sided when they are asked for a divorce.  They didn’t realize there were issues in the relationship; having no idea the other party may be involved in a “side fling” and/or have intentions of replacing their spouse immediately after the divorce.  In this type of separation, usually one party has been diligent in moving marital assets.  Hidden assets in divorce is common when one party attempts to hide money, vehicles and at times property ownership that isn’t reported on their financial disclosure statement.  What a surprise when they are deposed, and a good asset investigator has uncovered the hidden assets. 

All 50 states are no fault, but as of this writing only 17 are true no-fault states.  In some states the spouse at fault will surrender a greater share of marital property or asked to pay more alimony.  Indiana is a no-fault state and many clients just want proof of their spouse’s infidelity so they can move on.  Although we have an office in Indiana, we can obtain information in all 50 states.  We receive requests asking us to find the “other woman/man”.  In doing so, we would recommend surveillance upon the party who is accused of the extra-marital affair.  We would request specific dates and times that would be determined upon past activity.  If observation is made of contact with the opposite sex, we would then attempt to identify the individual.  As in a custody surveillance, we would video document all contact (in a public place) of their interaction.  No, we cannot trespass in order to get any video!  But we can document if one person arrives at a location and the length of time spent.

We would also follow this strategy when alcohol or drug addictions are the reason for filing separation and/or divorce.  Is the spouse visiting liquor stores, going to bars, drinking while driving, meeting contacts in order to purchase illegal drugs?

We have worked cases where one party has installed a hidden device that can record audio and video.  In this instance, we can conduct a tscm sweep to sweep for listening devices and video surveillance detection.  Many Client’s attorneys have reported that one party has knowledge of confidential information exchanged between them and their client, which is a strong indication that a spyware/malware may have been installed on a cell phone or a device in the residence.

Divorce is never easy, but should you find yourself in any of the scenarios written above, we can assist in obtaining the information you and/or your attorney can use in court.

All in Investigations, Inc.

Brenda McGinley, CEO



  1. Quote taken from William Congreve from the play, The Mourning Bride