Garbage In…Garbage Out: Why Providing Accurate Information to Your Private Investigator Gets You The Results You NeedBefore we begin a case, we conduct preliminary research to make sure the information provided by the Client is accurate.  Most often, the information is good, but there are times the Client may transpose a number, forget a birthday or have an approximate year of birth, may not have the Subject’s social security number or any other mitigating factor that would hinder our investigation and not produce the best results. If we are to locate an individual or find a missing heir, the information needed may not be available to our Client. Before conducting surveillance, we run the Subject through our Database(s) that are only accessible by licensed investigators for accuracy. People move, they buy new vehicles, they gain or lose weight, dye their hair, it’s called life and we are always prepared prior to sending an investigator out in the field.  Our Clients expect results and we make every attempt to ensure our Clients are provided verified results.

We conducted a case for a company that had provided us with their most recent address of the Subject. After conducting the prelim research, we informed them the Subject had moved. This was verified by the Subject’s Registration Record and Driving History, along with contacting the local assessor’s office for property ownership. The Client Company was adamant the Subject resided at the address provided and requested we begin our surveillance at this location. The Subject was not at this location and our surveillance of the address we obtained proved to be fruitful to their case. It may take a little more time to conduct this research, but it saves us embarrassment for following the wrong path.

Process Service is the one area private investigators like the least. Traveling to a personal residence is done either early morning, prior to that individual leaving for work, or in the evening hours, when that individual returns. If the service is to a company, corporation or registered agent, then it is conducted during business hours. We always verify the address of the person we are serving. With a flat rate fee and miles to travel, the last thing we want to do is keep going back to the wrong address. It would be costly for us and not effective for our Clients. We pride ourselves in having the most verified information and being an investigative company, not verifying information prior to conducting any case is a waste of time for us and money for our clients.

When conducting background checks specifically pre-employment backgrounds, not every perspective employee is forthcoming with their information or leave out addresses in certain counties where they were linked with a criminal record or civil litigation. Running an SSN trace provides us with all counties of residency going back as far as 15 plus years. Even though our services are guaranteed seven (7) to ten (10) years, there are cases that need to be researched further. Not common, but we worked a case where we had to determine a gun violation of a Subject from the ’70s. It was difficult, but having good databases was very helpful.

We do this for a living, it is our chosen career and our staff is experienced in their specified fields, so before you follow misinformation expecting positive results call on us, it could save you time, effort and money.