missing or lost person or child searchLosing his father suddenly to a heart attack was difficult for Brandon. He was an only child and had been raised by his dad. But Brandon hardly had time to deal with the grief. A few weeks later, when his father’s will was read by the family attorney, Brandon learned that his father’s only sibling, Robert, was also named in the will as a beneficiary.

This information was a shock. As far as Brandon knew, his dad and uncle had been estranged for more than a decade of Brandon’s twenty four years of life. As if that inheritance news wasn’t enough of a jolt, no one else in the family had had contact with Robert for the last five years. Last they knew, Robert was driving a semi cross country. But they didn’t have a telephone number. They didn’t know the name of the company where he was employed. They didn’t even know what state Robert lived in.

At that time, Brandon was working full-time and attending graduate school so he had little free. His attorney told him that the task of finding this missing heir in order to honor his dad’s wishes was not something he himself had to do.

Brandon’s attorney contacted . He already knew that had access to data bases that were not accessible by the general public. He’d had experience with them and knew their impressive reputation for finding people, especially their ability in finding missing heirs.

At the onset of the missing person search the investigators did not seem concerned when Brandon admitted that the only information he could offer about his uncle was his full name, place of birth and date of birth.

Not only do the professional investigators use professional data bases, they also engage in social media engineering and person-to-person interviews. The magic they work is a combination of strategies to find missing persons and it works!

It did not take more than a couple of weeks to find the missing heir and the pair was eventually reunited. Brandon appreciated the help to fulfill his father’s wishes and to also get to know an uncle he had never met.

reputation is justified by our track record. Our persistent investigators know how to find a missing person.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations