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Losing his father suddenly to a heart attack was difficult for Brandon. He was an only child and had been raised by his dad. But Brandon hardly had time to deal with the grief. A few weeks later, when his father's will was read by the family attorney, Brandon learned that his father's only sibling, Robert, was also named in the will as a beneficiary. This information was a shock. As far as Brandon knew, his dad and uncle had been estranged for more than a decade of Brandon's twenty four years of life. As if that inheritance news wasn't enough of a jolt, no one else in the family had had contact with Robert for the last five years. Last they knew, Robert was [...]

Apart But Not Forgotten, Finding a Missing Person

There are always stories behind a missing person search. Sometimes the missing person is the subject of a fugitive recovery agent’s search. Other times, help is needed to find a missing heir. Medical conditions often compel families to find missing persons who are blood relations. But then there are other stories… Maybe other people would roll their eyes and say she was a hopeless romantic, but Melinda didn't care very much about what other people thought. She only stuck with the truth. And the truth was that when her parents found out that her boyfriend Rick was not Catholic, they forbid Melinda from seeing him. Rick was not just her high school sweetheart he was the love of Melinda's life. A few weeks later, when [...]

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A missing person search can begin for a wide number of reasons, but when it involves a child, the sense of urgency is heightened. When a little girl named Maddie vanished from her foster parents' home, the entire community was alarmed. Concerns about child predators or the potential of the little 6-year-old girl possibly drowning in the nearby reservoir were on everyone’s minds. Immediately the local police issued an Amber Alert, hoping someone somewhere would see the missing child. Unsure of whether Maddie's foster parents might be involved in her disappearance, social workers removed three other young children from the couple's home. While the foster parents were under investigation for any wrongdoing, local police detectives questioned neighbors and friends of the family. An effort was [...]

A Mother’s Wish for a Missing Heir

When the family gathered for the reading of their mother’s will, the adult children were surprised to find that their mother had left a significant amount of money to her youngest child. The reason this was odd? That child, known to have significant mental health issues, had been estranged from the family for years. Yet in the will, the mother left specific instructions. Her other children were asked to find their long lost brother and use the portion of his inheritance to help him get the treatment he so desperately needed. To honor their mother’s dying wish, the other three children made their best efforts to find the missing heir, but found no trail. After all, their brother had been missing from the family photographs [...]

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Private investigators are called in to find missing persons in many situations. Sometimes police cases are still open and sometimes they have gone cold. Here at we are known for our ability in finding people. But sometimes there is a cruel twist that is heartbreaking for families. One such instance was a case we came into after the fact. An 8-year-old boy, we’ll call Josh, had gone missing 14 years prior and the police case had gone cold. There had not been any new leads in more than five years. Then all of a sudden, a call came in from a law enforcement agency in Europe. A young man had come in and told the story of how he was Josh and had been abducted, [...]

A Dogged Determination is a Characteristic of Researchers in a Missing Person Investigation

The investigators at are known in Indiana and beyond for their ability and knowledge in how to locate people. It could be finding a missing heir or other areas of people search. It takes diligence, patience and creativity to track people who have lost touch and don’t have details about the person they are trying to locate. We didn’t know the circumstances behind the story of how a recent caller had lost touch of her adult son, but we did know he was heavy on her mind. She insisted that even though she had observed someone who looked like him twice in the last week. This person was on a busy street and both times she attempted to catch up with him, but she lost [...]

Missing Heirs or Unknown Heirs Are Traceable with

has a reputation for being able to locate missing heirs or people. Usually it is because a family member is trying to reconnect with another family member who has not been in contact for a long time. But other situations arise where we are asked to find people like the case of the veteran who died not remembering he had an insurance policy and hadn’t seen any family for more than 55 years. The veteran was quite elderly and had moved into a nursing home because he needed care. When he passed, his bank acted as executor and discovered he was the owner of an insurance policy that had been purchased in the late 1940s. It was now worth more than a half a million [...]

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