Find PeopleThere are always stories behind a missing person search. Sometimes the missing person is the subject of a fugitive recovery agent’s search. Other times, help is needed to find a missing heir. Medical conditions often compel families to find missing persons who are blood relations. But then there are other stories…

Maybe other people would roll their eyes and say she was a hopeless romantic, but Melinda didn’t care very much about what other people thought. She only stuck with the truth. And the truth was that when her parents found out that her boyfriend Rick was not Catholic, they forbid Melinda from seeing him.

Rick was not just her high school sweetheart he was the love of Melinda’s life. A few weeks later, when her family learned that Melinda was pregnant, they forced her to leave town, quietly give birth to the healthy baby and give him up for adoption. From the home for unwed mothers, Melinda was shipped off to boarding school.

She went to college, studied nursing and eventually married a surgeon. But Melinda never recovered from the trauma. She never forgot about Rick. And she was haunted every day by faint memories of their baby boy. Throughout the years of her marriage, Melinda secretly searched for Rick. On her son’s eighteenth birthday, she spent the entire day at church, praying that he would someday find her.

When Melinda contacted , she tearfully spilled her story, adding that her parents were deceased and that her husband had died a year ago. She had decided it was time. She would stop at nothing to finally know that her first love and her only child were happy and healthy.

Melinda had only very limited information to offer. However, our investigators are some of the best researchers you will ever know. They know how to find a missing person. Period.

Stereotyping private investigators is finally changing with the times. Occasionally, we are still the guys who tail cars all day or sort through trash for clues. But more times than not, we expertly utilize highly technical equipment. In a complex people search, especially those when we don’t have much information to start with, we also access data bases that are not accessible by the general public.

With these tools, we hit the jackpot. We located Rick, who was single and living in Montana. We also found their child, a young man of 22 years of age who hadn’t yet graduated from college but had started his own graphic design business in a city less than an hour from where Melinda lived.

Finding a missing person can be like searching for a grain of sand on a broad beach, but lives up to the reputation we have built when it comes to finding people.

When we find missing people, they are always given the option to meet or not meet the person looking for them. Some send messages, some decline the meeting, others can’t wait to meet a birth parent or the child they never got to know. In this instance, all three were eager to meet each other. We were glad to be able to give them that opportunity.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations