John knew he needed help. He had given his son, Thomas every opportunity to turn his life around and yet his son continued on the same downward spiral and then blamed his father for his many failures.  They say a parent is responsible for their children’s actions and that good parenting produces good children. That is no always the case. We tell our Clients that children learn by example, but some kids just never apply themselves and nothing a parent can do to encourage them to be more successful or responsible makes a difference. And this is exactly how our case began with John.

Thomas had some shady friends, although he had been childhood friends with them, he chose to maintain the friendship when he knew their decision making was leading them in the wrong direction.

At first they tested the waters of smoking pot, then they thought taking their parents car for joy rides was fun, then they began to get more involved with some guys who were known to sell illegal drugs and Thomas joined in and became a part of that crowd. John had done everything he could to prevent Thomas from becoming another statistic, but Thomas chose to ignore his father’s advice.  Thomas was 16 years old when he began to act out. He would stay out long past his curfew, began to skip school and was belligerent to his both his parents and any parental figure in his life. One thing Thomas did so was to go to work every day at the Pizza Shop after school, but was never come straight home after his shift.

We suggested putting a GPS tracking device on Thomas’s car so that John could login and see where he went after work. John soon learned Thomas picked up his friends and traveled to a part of town known for drug activity. They could see the locations, but they couldn’t see what was happening and this is what they wanted to know. GPS tracking devices are used for many reasons, such as having an unfaithful wife or an unfaithful husband, but in this case, it was strictly for determining the whereabouts of a minor whose vehicle was registered to our Client.

Once we determined a pattern, we had a private investigator conduct discreet surveillance of him after he left work each night for a period of one week. employees only the most experienced investigators who conduct the most cost effective and result oriented surveillances.

When we reported to John that his son, Thomas, was observed smoking pot almost every night after work, John made some changes and took the car from him and provided transportation to and from his job, he was not allowed access to his cell phone either.

John also provided us with Thomas’ cell phone so that we could conduct a cell phone forensic extraction (Mobile Phone Analysis) to obtain all text messages that Thomas had deleted on his phone and to obtain his contact list. It was later learned that Thomas had quite a few individuals contact information that were known drug dealers and texts to and from them regarding the sale of drugs.

John let us know, as a parent, he had to change the relationship between he and his son and that no matter what happened, John would continue with these changes in hopes to see a change in his son’s attitude towards him and his family and his future.

Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations

Brenda McGinley, Director of Operations,