Roadsign With A Increasing Assets ConceptWhen Kimberly contacted , she tearfully explained that she was very sure that her husband was having an affair. At first she thought, “I’ll just follow my husband,” but after a few days of the cloak and dagger, she saw she didn’t have the time or experience to do it right. And, if she did uncover more signs of infidelity, what would she do with them?

Kim and her husband resided on a 1,200-acre farm. They were surrounded by flat, open land. There was no way for a member of the team to conduct surveillance without being easily detected. After all, if Kim’s husband was indeed a guilty guy, guilty guys constantly look over their shoulder.

In addition to the extramarital affair, Kim was certain that her husband had also hidden money. She feared that, as a woman in her mid 50s, he might leave her destitute if she went ahead with a divorce and no preliminary work to protect herself. And so after discussion with Kim and her attorney, the team provided these services:

  • After dark, investigators drove through the area, thoroughly examining all country roads Kim’s husband might choose to travel.
  • Close to the barn and down the road at the 4-way stop, investigators posed as a few guys working on power lines. We identified which truck he most often drove. We documented the make and model as well as the plate number on the truck.
  • An unmarked vehicle waited more than a mile down the road in the driveway of an empty house, with one of our investigators behind the wheel.
  • When Kim’s husband left the farm, we radioed the investigator waiting in the driveway. And that person successfully tailed the husband, all the way to the bank.
  • Evidence of a secret affair was gathered. Photographs and videos were secured of Kim’s husband embracing a female employee at the bank and later entering a nearby motel with her.
  • Using extensive database resources in a search for assets, our team located more than $100,000 the husband was hiding in the purchase of a property with his son.

In the negotiations for the divorce, Kim had all the evidence she needed to get a fair settlement and a more financially secure future.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations