Recent allegations that an Arkansas police department shared “malicious software” with a defense attorney in an attempt to infiltrate his computer and disrupt his work, brings something to mind that is important for business people and companies to know. The attorney demands that a computer forensic investigation be undertaken by a computer forensic expert. It’s a shocking allegation, and the only way to determine if it’s true is to do a forensic computer analysis.

It’s not just shocking, as computer forensic investigators here at , we have to spread the word that it is so easy to be victimized in this way. Any time you accept something into your computer system, you are taking a chance. And I mean anything:

  • Emails
  • Video files
  • Photos
  • Software
  • Drivers
  • Programs

Just, anything. That is because malware and spyware can be attached to anything and once you say, “okay,” you have given access to your entire system.

Why would anyone want into your system? From our experience as professional investigators and computer forensic investigators, we can give you hundreds of reasons. Here are just a few:

Your company has business competitors, your rivals could want:

  • Manufacturing information about your products
  • Your list of clients
  • Access to client and vendor contracts
  • Financial information about the business

Your spouse is suspicious of infidelity and planning to leave you, he could be looking for:

  • Communications with intimate friends or lovers
  • Evidence of spending habits
  • Access to individual bank or investment accounts
  • Photos

Your business partner is having financial difficulties and wants more out of the business. He could be:

  • Accessing business checking accounts and moving money
  • Adjusting the books to hide improprieties
  • Altering agreements
  • Adding ghost employees to the payroll

A nasty breakup with a mistress who is an employee leaves her wanting revenge. She could

  • Access your financial accounts
  • Obtain personal information about you, your spouse and children
  • Retrieve information that could be used for blackmail, both professionally and personally

The list is actually pretty endless and the only way to detect if your computer has been infiltrated is through a computer forensic analysis.

To prevent the need for spyware detectors or spyware removers, cautions you to be selective about what you do on the computer. You aren’t just worrying about picking up a virus or a Trojan, you are preventing a spy from getting into your personal space.

And anytime anyone gives you a thumb drive, you need to know – and trust – the provider. And, they might not know what’s on the thumb drive either.

Computer forensics firms like are on hand when you need us. Don’t delay if you have suspicions, every day and every minute could make a difference.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations