Security Camera And Urban VideoDue to the constant flood of easily accessible technology, security cameras seem to be more plentiful than ever before:

  • Many private residences now install security cameras around the exterior of their property.
  • Business owners install cameras in work areas and building entrances.
  • Parents with children often install surveillance equipment to keep tabs on the safety of their children with caregivers.

Those constantly rolling cameras can often hold people accountable for bad behavior. But in the event of videotaping a suspected crime, people have a false security about their video skills. You might assume that you don’t need the services of professionals like . After all you can do it yourself, right? After you read what goes into providing video evidence for court, you might just change your mind:

  • When you review a video to make sure you have clearly caught a crime on tape, don’t just immediately decide that dark footage is useless. Actually, dark footage is easier to enhance for details than footage that is overexposed or too bright.
  • Immediately confiscate the equipment used for the video. If the event was recorded through the use of a camera phone, home camcorder or a security camera, immediately turn this equipment and the video over to the proper authorities.
  • Quickly make a decision about how often you wish to allow the footage to be rewound and repeated. In a court trial, jurors may not be as shocked by a crime caught on video if they repeatedly view it.
  • If at all possible, involve a video expert experienced in evidence handling to be involved with the set-up and operation of the equipment. This person is not only easily accessible for computer glitches. But also, the presence of a legal video expert gives your credibility.

In order for video evidence to be admissible in court, it must comply with the proper recording and preservation guidelines. You might “know” you have evidence, but you might not be able to use it like you think.

If these important tips have made you question whether you are capable of producing the required evidence of wrongdoing, it’s time to call on professionals like . We always place special emphasis on securing video evidence for trial. Law enforcement officials respect and appreciate dealing with professionals like .

The authorities immediately know they can rely on the information delivered on your behalf. Our teams provide evidence through cell phone forensics, computer forensic data recovery, cellular tower triangulation, electronic surveillance and TSCM services. Hi-tech or on foot, our investigators not only catch bad guys, we provide the evidence needed as proof of wrongdoing.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations