Life Happens…sometimes we oversee our path and other times we are influenced by choices made by others. When situations arise out of our control and cannot be handled from within, we reach out for help. can be that source to help with life-changing matters.

10 Reasons You May NOT Need to Hire a Private Investigator

  1. You are not Married or involved in a relationship
  2. You are not being harassed or stalked
  3. You have not engaged in a workplace relationship
  4. You do not own a cell phone, computer or drive a car
  5. You are not adopted and if you are you do not care to know your biological parents
  6. You do not have any children, or you have not put a child up for adoption
  7. You are not involved in any civil litigation as the plaintiff or defendant and have never been accused of a crime
  8. You do not own a company, or you are not responsible for hiring employees
  9. You have no need to find a person
  10. You have yet to be born or never leave your house

10 Reasons You May Need to Hire a Private Investigator

  1. You are Married or in a Relationship and you believe your partner is being unfaithful, could be hiding money, or is experiencing financial difficulty and keeping it from you, or he/she are planning on divorcing you and you need to know the truth.
  2. You are being stalked by a stranger or harassed by an employee and you have no proof of who it is.
  3. You have been asked out by a superior at work and now someone wants to expose that relationship that could cost you your job.
  4. Your cellular device is bugged, hacked, runs hot or the battery won’t stay charged. Others know of your whereabouts and conversations. Your computer has been hacked, your accounts have been taken over, your internet isn’t safe.
  5. You found out you were adopted, and you want to find your biological parents; or you have medical issues that require you to find a blood relative.
  6. You have children that are grown and are going through difficult times, you have custody issues that require professional assistance. You have placed a child up for adoption and now you want to reconnect.
  7. You have filed a civil case in court and were awarded a judgment and now you need to locate the defendant. Someone has filed a wrongful civil case against you; You have been accused of a crime you did not commit.
  8. You need to conduct a background check on a prospective employee, a nanny or someone you met on the internet.
  9. You need to locate missing heirs to close an estate; You haven’t been in touch with a family member for years and now you want to reach out to them. You are an attorney and you have lost contact with a Client and the case is ready to settle.
  10. Life Happens.

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~ Brenda McGinley