Three People Holding Question MarkOne purpose of finding people is often overlooked. The average citizen doesn’t think about how attorneys find the witnesses they need for court.

works with attorneys to find a person that might hold the key to their case.

We know how to find missing persons who have knowledge of the facts in a situation. For example, Mary* had known Joe* for only about six months on the evening they walked out of his home and he was arrested. She had no idea what he was being arrested for and she wanted nothing to do with anything that had to do with the police.

Immediately she quit taking his calls and when his attorney tried to contact her, her roommate informed him that she had moved out, specifically saying she was leaving town, but not going to say where she was going.

Mary was the person who could confirm Joe’s alibi. It turns out that Joe didn’t have any idea why he was being arrested either. He contended that he must be the victim of a mistaken identification.

Without Mary’s statement and testimony, Joe could potentially be convicted and spend time in jail for a crime he did not commit.

The Missing Person Search for Mary

A missing person search was instigated and an initial first step in the missing person investigation was to build a profile on Mary. When we endeavor to find missing persons, it is helpful to learn everything we can about the subject. Finding missing persons is often successful because of a minute detail about the person’s life or past that unravels a thread leading us to find a person.

Indeed, that was the case with Mary. She was quite familiar with the legal system, having been through several arrests and court proceedings herself. She was no longer under probation but had a few resources that she relied on to help her navigate challenges and guide her with resources and advice.

From those resource people it was learned that the facts were that she was trying to learn from her past mistakes and to build a life putting all that behind her. So when the police arrested Joe, she was afraid of getting involved.

Through those contacts she was apprised of the facts and counseled to help Joe by providing the evidence she had about his activities and location on the day of the crime.

Missing People are Missing People

Finding people who have moved away or left without notice is not what some might consider finding a missing person. But a missing person is anyone who cannot be located, contacted or found by someone else. Not all missing people are victims of crimes or fugitives.

If there is a reason to locate people that have been gone, we consider it a missing person investigation. Our purpose is to locate them, share the information why they are being sought, if possible, and to potentially facilitate meetings or reunions.

Here at , we never know when we find missing people how it will play out. But we do our job and our reputation shows we do it well.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations

*Name changed