A Song Trip Though Memory Lane: How to Know When You Need a Private Investigator

The long and winding road can lead us to locating a missing person or heir.  Verifying their identity prevents us from hearing, it’ ain’t me babe, so you know when you receive our results, you have a ticket to ride straight to court or close a trust, then you can lay back and drink a beer.

I heard it through the grapevine that some people run to the hills to avoid the process of service, even a smooth criminal can’t escape the real world.   We will locate them, serve them legal documents, create an affidavit of service and justice for all.  Not all locates require serving legal documents, some searches are for lost loves, not all people are found by chasing pavements or by a secret agent man, many can be done utilizing databases only accessibly to private investigators.  Our cases include locating the dead-beat dad who has shown no interest in being a father.  If Papa is a rolling stone not paying support and avoiding financial responsibility, he may hide, but chances are, All in InvestigationsAll in Investigations is going to find him.

Money, money, money, is it missing or hidden?  You are not alone in believing your spouse may not be upfront and honest, the evil that men do to hide funds even before he cheats can be located.  Love don’t cost a thing, but divorces do. We are amazed at how many spouses take the liberty to entertain the material girl if your gone on a business trip, visiting relatives or even at work.  Nothing else matters to them when they get an opportunity to take the money and run.

When a man has lyin’ eyes, and girls lie too or you both have suspicious minds and need to find the truth, cause even little white lies or a beautiful lie isn’t healthy in a relationship.  If you are awake at 3AM with more than a feeling that your partner is unfaithful, you are not alone.  Request they agree to a lie detector test.  Tell them, I’m not calling you a liar, that you just need them to do this to help you make it through one more night and to believe in them again.  With access to social media as a tool to develop online relationships, there is a high infidelity within many marriages.

We receive many calls with Client’s stating, somebody’s watching me via their cellular device. Hacking or installing spyware apps are serious concerns for our Clients since many use their phones for business and as a substitute for computers.  We store private and confidential information on our phones that hold our secrets and we don’t want eyes without a face having access about our daily lives.  Whether you are walking to Memphis, taking the last train to Clarksville, running down the streets of Baltimore, or have Georgia on your mind, your life is a highway of information that should remain private.

Who you gonna call for your investigative needs;  All in InvestigationsAll in Investigations.  That’s who!