7 Ways a Private Investigator can help your Law Firm Win More Cases and Grow Your PracticeA Private Investigative Company like works with an Attorney to obtain the best results for their Clients.  With over 1.2 million attorneys in the US and 80,000 taking the bar exam every year, the need for assistance in providing the court with accurate information is extremely high.  We have many attorneys requesting our services on behalf of their Clients.  An attorney must have the facts and many times, hiring an Investigative Company is the most effective approach to obtain pertinent information to present to the court.

Consider the following common scenario: an attorney schedules a consultation with a prospective Client, but the Client’s story just doesn’t add up. Sometimes Clients forget some of the facts, but sometimes they are trying to be misleading. Many times, the Clients just do not have firsthand knowledge of the situation or are unaware of exactly what is happening to them or against them. At this point, the attorney should be considering the following questions:

  • How truthful is the Client, the Subject, Third Parties?
  • Did the events occur in the manner the Client stated?
  • Could there be witnesses that would testify against the Client?
  • Did the Client embellish or leave out any information that could be used against them?
  • Did the Client forget important information?

Consulting an attorney can be stressful and the process can be intimidating. Attorneys and their Clients must build trust between themselves to effectively win their case.

Attorneys want to win their case. They don’t want to file any legal filings until they have verified facts. If their Client’s information is not truthful or helpful prior to proceeding, they want evidence to either back up the Client’s story or discount it.  Facts are facts, but many times there is evidence that can better explain how an event transpired. Take nothing at face value.

Examples of why a Law Firm should employee an Investigative Company:

  1. Evidence accidentally deleted from their Client’s personal device
    • Data Extraction Software
      • Forensically image the device for secured evidence so that information can be used in court
        • Computer forensic expert
        • Forensic data recovery
        • Cell Phone Forensics
    • Obtain Deleted text messages
    • Obtain the List of calls made and received
    • Obtain Deleted photos or images
    • Report of Findings
    • Testimony of the Forensic Tech
  2. Field work for witnesses, events, and other scenarios
    • Witness Statements
    • Determine what they saw or heard
      1. Obtain times and dates
      2. Obtain names of other witnesses
    • Determine their credibility
  3. Obtain video footage from businesses in the area
    • To request copies of footage that would assist the attorney
    • The ability to locate other witnesses
  4. Conduct covert surveillance of the Client’s spouse
    • Proof of infidelity
    • Proof of illegal activity
    • Obtain video and still photos of their activity
    • Child Custody Investigation (is your spouse spending quality time with your children?)
  5. Due Diligence Investigations
    • Background checks, Employment Background Checks
    • Criminal
    • Civil
    • Driving Histories
  6. Asset Investigation ~ Hidden Money, Assets in Divorce
    • Property (land, structures, vehicles)
    • Hidden financial accounts
  7. TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures)
    • Search for Electronic Bug Detectors
    • Are there listening devices in the residence, vehicle, or office?
    • Are there covert cameras in the residence, vehicle, or office?
    • Are there GPS Tracking Systems in the vehicle used for mobile stalking?

These are just a few of the reasons we, at , may be called upon to perform.

– Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations

– McGinley, Director of Operations,