Google Nexus 5 In HandMore often than ever before, the public hears about the growing number of cell phones being compromised with mobile spy ware. Understandably, many Americans feel rather vulnerable to this possibility. There is worry that there is little to no privacy in today’s world, that every move we make is possibly being tracked by our spouse or even our employer. Even if you aren’t doing anything immoral or dishonest, it’s still a negative feeling to wonder if you’re being stalked through a cell phone spy.

Before you just assume that you’re feeling paranoid for no reason, pay attention to these recent statistics by Lockout, a mobile phone security company. When the company recently scanned Android phones, they discovered that surveillance-ware had unknowingly been installed on 24% of the Android phones. That’s an astounding amount of people with no idea they were being tracked, isn’t it?

So if those numbers hold true for all the Android users in the United States, it means that mobile security has been compromised in tens of thousands of mobile phones. And that means, of course, that thousands of people go through their days oblivious to the fact that everything they do is somebody else’s business.

If you can’t say with all confidence that the mobile phones and computers in your business are 100% protected, call on . Because we are leaders in computer forensic investigation and in cell phone spyware detection our forensic investigators will then conduct computer forensic analysis as well as mobile device forensics.

Within a short amount of time our investigation results will provide you with the answers to your concerns. We will either provide you with peace of mind, to leave our office knowing that you are safe from a security breach or we will find for you that indeed, you have been an unknowing victim of computer or mobile spy ware.

Not only will digital forensics act as spyware detectors on computers and uncover cell phone tracking by others, a forensic investigator can initiate spyware removal to clean up computers and mobile phones. In fact, many organizations with lots at stake make wireless forensics a regular maintenance activity.

has been on the cutting edge of wireless technology and the hacking of systems and use of spyware and malware since the beginning. Let our forensics consultants help you be proactive and maintain the security you need today.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations