Personal Computer AssemblingThough they had some ideas about illicit activity, members of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation failed to dig up enough proof to file charges. And then, frustration led them to hire a French-speaking private investigator. His job was to test 15 offshore service providers in Canada and abroad, to find out if illegal actions were taking place regarding offshore accounts and hidden assets.

Very patiently, the private investigator built a case against several white collar criminals, such as an attorney, who was also a former employee of the Canada Revenue Agency. The investigator also snagged a former executive from the Royal Bank of Canada and several American millionaires. In an effort to duck prosecution, some of the wealthy Americans immediately dropped their US citizenship.

This isn’t the first – or the last – story about people trying to either avoid paying taxes or splitting all of their assets in a divorce.

The incident involving the CBC and an outside party also isn’t the first or last example of a private investigator saving the day.

Utilizing digital forensics, data was gathered and analyzed. After that, the forensic cellular evidence and evidence from a computer forensic examination was safely protected and then submitted to the client for possible legal action.

In today’s sophisticated world of technology, skill level involving the investigation of computers, cell phones, networks, cell towers, GPS systems and other technology will very often make or break a case. And that’s why involving a private investigator may be the best first step. At , a certified computer examiner is on staff to perform computer forensics investigations, even at the eleventh hour. Also prepared to offer mobile phone forensic analysis, investigators know that the data recovered forensically can be the critical piece of many a case or the solution to a legal situation.

Your attorney may even tell you that an investigator may be able to either ease your worries or track down your suspicions.

During this process, you can ease your mind knowing that whatever the private investigator finds in regard to evidence of wrongdoing, the information you get will be objective and factual. With their expertise to safely monitor the findings until you decide what steps you will take, you know your decision will be based on the truth.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations